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Ascent The Space Game (Terms of Use)

Ascent:TSG is a fully 3-Dimensional PC space game developed by Fluffy Kitten Studios using the Unity5 engine containing 270 billion explorable star systems. Players can trade, explore, manufacture modules, colonize planets and moons, build massive Outer Star Bases (OSB), and fight with NPC pirates. The game is continually updated.

The wiki is an extension of game lore. Most knowledge and information was lost during the collapse. Part of the object of the game is to reclaim that knowledge. The wiki is the repository of much of that knowledge we, the "Pilot Citizens" (PC), are actively reclaiming. The wiki is supplied and updated by the Ascent community. While it may be a little behind in some areas, multiple players voluntarily work to keep it as update as possible so all others can have access to whatever game details we have gathered to date. Game Lore can be found here.


Official new game lore also slowly emerges primarily on the game forums in the Politics section. Like in any culture that is struggling, there are rumors galore. Be careful trusting everything you hear on the COMMS. "Just because they say it, it doesn't make it so." Those who work on the wiki strive to record only validated information to build a solid base to reclaim our knowledge, history, and technology.

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