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Lasers locked on Commander! Almost in range!

Starter ships come standard with a class one axial beam weapon. It targets the recticle (crosshairs) in the 1st person view screen. Hitting x or depressing left AND right mouse buttons will fire the Axial weapon. (Hover over images for additional information)

Weapon types

49 forward facing weapons on a Mammoth. Be scared!
  • Axial Dioxide Laser - This is the standard weapon that comes on all ships and rapid fires directly (when the player hits x or has both mouse buttons depressed) out the front to the crosshairs you see in first person view.
  • Turret Carbon Dioxide Laser - moves to target the enemy, it does this automatically, but is less powerful than the broadside beam but recharges faster thus fires more rapidly.
  • Broadside Carbon Dioxide Laser - is similar to the turret in that it moves and auto targets, though is much slower to respond and is more powerful then the turret.

The class of your weapon is a big factor in the amount of damage it does, obviously a higher class does more damage(See tables below). Each additional class up grade of weapon doubles its damage... and also weighs twice as much and takes longer to recharge after firing. Better weapons are made in a private starbase shipyard. Other players who already have a shipyard and weapons researched can place weapons on the Galactic Market(GM) to purchase. At your shipyard, or the shipyard of the player you purchased a weapon from, you click 'refit ship' to place the weapon on your hull in the desired position. The additional weapons will take up cargo space so a larger ship is required for more/larger weapons.

There is a maximum of 49 weapons that your computer is able to control, you will not be able to place any more than that.

When shooting a pirate, and when they shoot you, the shield is hit and damaged first, then the armor, then the hull, at 0% hull pirates are destroyed. If the player hull damage goes to 0%, your computer has the 'self preservation chip' installed to detect that you are about to be killed and automatically activate your Jump drive, taking you the the Ceres system. It doesn't want to die either.

Evil Pirate or Independent Freedom Fighter. You choose

Premium Battle

Without paying the $1/month Premium battle fee(already included in the Steam Package), you can not use weapons or shields above class 5. It is possible to have fun and get quite far into the ranks with 49 x class 5 weapons, premium is best to go further than Captain. To be able to smash those pirates and work your way up through the UNCA ranks, you need some serious firepower.

Combat Equipment Tables

Below you will find the specs for each level of equipment. Each takes up cargo space. You will be limited by the amount of cargo your ship has. Axial, armour and shields mounting locations are not important. Turret and Broadside mounting locations affects the direction they aim. Both auto target, but their aiming arch identifies how far they can rotate and still lock on. Fighters Guild has worked out many effective mounting locations and can be contacted in game for guidance.

Thanks to the Fighters Guild for the contribution of these tables for weapons. davh Fighters Guild Video Channel


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