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1. Find a planet that has banned items

  • a. Open the System Map.
  • b. Press Stock Market Search button.
  • c. Select Sell option.
  • d. Choose Range.
  • e. Items.
    • i. Any item can be banned.
    • ii. Mostly things to smuggle are cigars, beer, wine, and neurostimulators.
  • f. Press Search Banned button.
  • g. Choose a colony and fly to it.

2. Get contacts to sell your banned item

  • a. Land on the planet in the colony’s Landing Bay.
  • b. Make your way to an Entertainment Center.
  • c. Talk with NPCs.
    • i. Ask “Do you want to buy …” whatever banned item you are selling.
    • ii. Do not be alarmed when some threaten to call the authorities.
    • iii. Some will just tell you no.
    • iv. When someone says Yes.
      • 1. Add them to your Address Book.
      • 2. Ask them “How much?”
      • 3. They will tell you they can buy 3 tons for so much.
        • a. Beer & wine sell for 200 credits per ton.
        • b. Neurostimulators sell for 20,000 credits per ton.
        • c. Cigars are unknown at this time.
      • 4. NPCs almost always start off with a 3 ton order.
      • 5. NPC order size will increase as you do more business with that NPC.
      • 6. Tell them “yes.”
      • 7. If you have it in your ship then the deal is done.
      • 8. If you don’t have it, you will need to go get it and come back to the Landing Bay.
  • d. Talk to all the NPCs at the Entertainment Center.
  • e. More dealers are better.

3. Bring banned items to a colony

  • a. Land in the Landing Bay.
    • i. As you descend to the surface, watch out for Customs Patrol Ships.
    • ii. If the colony has them they will show you the sensor sweep areas in red.
    • iii. You will be boarded if you are caught in the sensors.
    • iv. Fly around them to avoid being caught and land in the Landing Bay.
    • v. Turn your ship off to shrink the size of the sensor sweep. (This was part of the combat mission with tag the drone).
    • vi. A customs agent will greet you with “You have contraband. I am going to have to confiscate it.”
    • vii. Try to bribe him by offering to “Pay” him.
      • 1. Put an amount in the “Pay” box and press the pay button.
      • 2. Offer at least 5000 credits.
      • 3. If he takes the bribe great, he will tell you his terminal has a glitch.
      • 4. He may tell you he wants more. Pay him what he asks.
      • 5. He may say he can’t be bought. You will lose your cargo.
      • 6. Add him to you address book. You will want to note somewhere that he can be bribed. This is also true for customs patrols.
      • 7. When you come back the next time you can call the NPC and find out if they are working. You can then go now or come back later.
        • a. Each Landing Bay has 10 agents on duty at any one time. They work in 4 shifts. So the more of them you know the better your chance of getting your contraband in. If they can be bribed they will always want a bribe of the same about.
        • b. Most bribes are 5000 to 145,000 credits that at this time.
        • c. If an agent that you know can be bribed is on duty, you have a 1 in 10 chance that they will come to your ship.
        • d. If you don’t call, you have a 1 in 40 chance your guy might come to your ship. Keeping a list and calling a head is the best way to keep your bribe overhead down.
    • viii. Once you clear customs you can do business.
  • b. You do not need to go to the EC to meet if you have added the dealer to you address book. Just call them from the Landing Bay and make the sale like you did in step 2.C.
  • c. Repeat with all your Dealers.

4. Leaving the Colony

  • a. If you still have contraband on board you must avoid the Customs Patrols on your way out. If not, then you can just go.
  • b. Your dealers will need a day or two to sell the stuff and send you the money.
  • c. Next time you can contact them before you go and they will tell you how much they wish to buy and you can just bring that amount.

A special thank you to BoshingTong for putting this together.

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