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Janus A

Janus A is populated by a cabal of quite wealthy merchants, who have recently come under attack from a vicious pirate syndicate.

The merchants in Janus A requested aid from UNCA; however, the UNCA does not have enough spare ships to assist. Therefor the UNCA contracts work to new pilots, (players) and provides them with the blueprints needed to build weapons and bigger ships for combat.

Space Pirates

Space pirates only appear in Janus A space, and only if the player accepts a mission to fight them.

Seraph vs. Pirate Guardian

UNCA Missions

The UNCA offers combat missions via the contract board at the Apollo Jump gate, in Janus A.

Story missions can be repeated until passed.

Progressing through the story missions will grant higher UNCA rank, higher combat pay and more difficult missions.

Higher rank missions will have pirates with higher class ships, and even multiple ships at one time.

During combat: Shields are damaged first but will recharge over time. Armor panels are damaged by attacks that penetrate a ship’s shields. If an attack passes through shields, and hits a point where armor panels have been damaged, hull damage will occur.

When a pirate’s hull drops below 50% it will flee. If a pirate’s hull drops below 0% it will explode. (Pirates sometimes live at 0% because the computer only displays whole numbers. for example a pirate with .03% hull integrity will display as 0%)

To prevent the player from dying, the ship’s computer will emergency jump the ship to Ceres in the event that a shot will drop the player’s hull to 0%.

After the first two missions, the UNCA will offer to sell blueprints for building new weapons, shields, and armor. If the player has enough credits blueprints for class 11 and 12 ship hulls will be available as well. Once a hull blueprint is bought, blueprints for the rest of the modules for that class of ship will be available as well.

These blueprints can be upclassed to higher levels.

In order for weapons higher than class 5 to work correctly, the player must have premium combat. Premium combat is obtained via. Options > Buy Premium Access > Combat, and has a subscription costs of $0.99 per month.

It is possible to progress quite far in rank without premium access.

It is not possible to attack or damage friendly ships.

Some of the missions include but are not limited to:

  • Hunt down and destroy a pirate spy drone, these are sent out by the pirates to find easy targets and need to be destroyed.
  • Rescue a cargo ship being attacked by a pirate, the cargo ship will be very grateful and give you a reward.
  • Approach a pirate ship in stealth and place a tracking device on it without being detected. This mission requires the player to fly toward the pirate and shut off the ships power in order to remain undetected.
  • Destroy a pirate space station. The tracking device leads to the discovery of a pirate space station, which needs to be blown to pieces.
  • Escort a valuable shipment to its destination. The player will escort a NPC ship, and must fight off the pirate(s) that attack it.


As you defeat pirates, you will gain higher rank in UNCA.

Some missions will be prefixed with the rank of that mission and will not show if you are not that rank or higher, these missions will have the reward value posted.

Some missions will not be prefixed and have no reward value posted, though there is a reward for completion, these are the special missions that will increase your rank.

Special missions, ranks and expected rank mission reward value are




  • Midshipman - reward value = 5,100 credits


  • Ensign - reward value = 13,005 credits


  • 2nd Lieutenant - reward value = 33,163 credits


  • Lieutenant - reward value = 84,565 credits


  • Lieutenant Commander - reward value = 215,641 credits


  • Commander - reward value = 549,884 credits


  • Captain - reward value = 1,402,204 credits


  • Squad captain - reward value = 3,575,621 credits
  • Commodore - reward value = 9,177,833 credits
  • Commodore L2 - reward value = 23,250,473 credits
  • Commodore L3 - reward value = 59,288,707 credits


Waervyn's Combat Videos:

Combat missions 1

Combat missions 2

Combat missions 3

davh Fighters Guild Video Channel


Future planned missions are

- Rescue a captured ship from pirates still in space

- Rescue a captured ship from a pirate base or star base

- Steal stolen cargo back - maybe particularly valuable items

- Rescue captives from a pirate base or pirate ships

- Assassinate a known pirate for the bounty / hell of it

- Disguise your ship as a pirate craft to infiltrate and gather intel and/or steal something

- Steal pirate technology blueprints

- Abduct or capture a known pirate for questioning

- Locate and rescue an informant

- Search and rescue a disabled ship

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