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User Interface

The user interface has a myriad of controls and information displays. Here is a typical interface as seen by a player when in space near a space station


Most items are information only and self explanatory while some are clickable for more info or actions.

Top Icon Bar


From left to right the icons on this bar are:

Galactic Map

This brings up the Galactic Map page. On this page you can execute an Emergency Jump(to SS Andromeda in Ceres), search for a particular star system and then execute a hyperjump to that system using a Hyperdrive, Bookmark frequently visited star systems and search the Stock Market for buyers and sellers of particular materials.

Toggle Night Vision

Night Vision highlights useful objects in green. These include mineable asteroids, wreckage, planets and Starbases.

Manage Ship

This brings up the Ship Maintenance window where you can view the modules fitted and stored on the current ship, rename your current ship, manage your crew, manage your NPC Pilots and access the Ship Computer.

In-game Help

This brings up a partial copy of the text of this Wiki in-game. Topics are selected from the list on the left.

Game Options

This brings up the Game Options window.

Toggle Full Screen

This toggles full screen mode. [Not sure if this works for all screen resolutions].


Brings up the Character window where you can see your character's Skills, Assets and where you will be asked to vote at election time.

Address Book

Allows bookmarking of NPCs. Useful for smuggling contacts such as buyers and customs agents.

In-game Mail

Here you get notifications from the system regrading sales and purchases made at your Stock Markets, pending votes in elections and bounties paid by you to other players. There is no player to player mail facility at this time.

Bottom Icon Bar


From left to right the icons on this bar are:


This icon becomes active when landed on a planet or moon. Clicking it will place you outside of your ship but not always on the surface. If you find yourself floating above the surface take a few steps in any direction to activate the next icon. Ending EVA by clicking the icon again and re-positioning ship may be necessary.

Soil Sample

This icon becomes active once you have successfully EVA'd and are standing on the surface of a planet or moon. Clicking it will reveal the planet or moon's resources.

Transport Grid/Disembark Transport Grid

This icon becomes active after landing in a Landing Bay and disembarking at an established outer colony. Clicking it will place you on a colony's transport grid and allow you to move around the colony quickly using the transport grid. Clicking it again will place you on the surface next to the transport grid you were on.

Claim Deed

This icon becomes active once you have successfully EVA'd and are standing on the surface of a planet or moon. Clicking it allows you to start a new colony where your ship is located.

IVA/Return to Controls

(Not seen in image) This icon only appears if your in a ship you can walk around inside of and looks identical to the disembark icon. Clicking it will place you inside the ship on foot. Clicking it again will return you to the cockpit flight control from anywhere on the ship.

Disembark/Return to Ship

This icon becomes active when docked at an inner SS or landed in a landing bay. Clicking it once will place you in the SS or the Landing Bay. Clicking it again will return you to your ship no matter where you are in the station or colony.


This icon becomes active when you enter the elevator in an entertainment complex(colony) or standing on the transporter pad inside a ship. clicking it will give you floor(at colony EC) or deck(on ship) destinations.

Open Contract Board

This icon becomes active when in range of a Commander Dixon at the Apollo gate in Janus A or at the Deep 6 SS in Jam-1. Clicking it will open the contract boards in those systems.

Open Stock Market

This icon becomes active when within 10000 meters of a stock market colony building or OSB module. Clicking it will open the stock market interface. clicking it again will open another instance of the SM interface.(Usually, you will warp to within range of a Starbase Stock market, but to access a Colony Stock market, you will have to use thrusters to follow the Stock Market's gold "skybeam" from the colony's Warp Point down to the colony.)

Auto pilot

This link will bring up more clickable buttons to warp able locations. Clicking on a destination name will move you to the Space Station or gate location. Clicking the Action will auto dock or auto jump through selected gate. The Green dot in the left column means you own a Settlement/Colony at that system. Autopilot.png

Clicking on a column header sorts the buttons as follows:

Icon Header(left most column):

First click puts your colonies and OSB's at the top of the list, then all other colony's Second, Pirate Encounters Third, Gas Giants Fourth, Gates Fifth, Rocky Planets Sixth, all other OSB's Seventh, Moons Eighth and Stars Nineth and last is Wreck Location. Second click sorts in reverse.

Destination Header:

First click destination sorts everything from the 0 – 9 then A – Z numerical Alphabetical order ( Wreck Locations are indeed between V and X) Second click reverses that order : Z- A then 9 – 0 reverse Alphabetical Numerical order

Distance Header:

1st click sorts everything from closest to furthest no matter what type of object it is 2nd Click sorts everything from the furthest distance to the closest distance.

Action Header:

For the Inner 9 the sorting order is SS First, Wreck location Second and then Gates are Third and so on. First Click sorts Gates first, Encounters second, (Rocky Planets, Stars, Moons and Gas Giants) third, Finally Colonys and OSB's last. 2nd Click sorts Colonys and OSB's First, (Rocky planets, Moons, Stars and Gas Giants Second, Pirate Encounters Thirds and Finally Gates Last.


You can select which items show in the autopilot. By removing some objects, it may make the autopilot easier to manage in very crowded systems. One has to remember that these items are turned off, because they will be removed in all systems until turned back on. It is easy to forget they have been turned off and it can be confusing why something is not listing properly, only to find they have been turned off in the filter.


will hide/unhide chat panel


New players are started in the "help" channel. You can click the dropdown box and see several other default channels. Most established players are active in "global."


Clicking this link will bring up another menu with 3 options, Skills, Assets, and Votes.


There are 4 possible skills at this time. Once you receive a skill level in each skill, it will be listed here.

Assets shows your character credits and Solar Credits (SC).

Clicking one of the Locations will show that location's current resource/Ship/Ship Module stored at last visit. Settlement (Surface) resources only actively update when you visit.

Votes are only present during the Semi Annual General Elections, Monthly Bi-Elections, or Gate Approval Requests for Senators.



The Contract window will fill as you accept contracts at SS Contract Boards. You can sort by Name, Destination, or Reward.

If you want to delete a contract, dock at a SS, then click and hold the red X at the far right of any contract you want to delete.

Galactic Map

Clicking the Galactic Map icon will bring up the Galactic Map. The Galactic Map shows the main 9 planet systems linked with cyan to show Jump Gate routes. Player built Jump Gates routes will be shown in purple and go to player colonies in Outer Systems. It also shows the Outer Systems and names that can be jumped to with a ship that has a hyperdrive installed. Map.png

The galactic map menu has 7 tabs on the left.

"Emergency Jump" button will return you to Ceres space.

"Close Map" will do just that... close the map.

"Home" will center the map on the system that you are currently located in.

"Stock Market Search" will allow you to search player operated markets.

"Starsystem Search" will allow you to search for a discovered system by name.

"Bookmarks" will list any systems you have added to Bookmarks. They can be sorted by Name, Sector, or StarID.

The map can be moved around rotating about your current system by click and hold left mouse button and dragging the display around. The scroll wheel or +/- will zoom in and out. Right clicking on a system will center in that system and open an interface where you can "Jump to" to that system. This interface displays basic system information, star data, and hydrogen required to jump to that location. The "Add Bookmark" button allows you to toggle listing systems or removing them from your Bookmarks.

Gravity Anchor

The Gravity Anchor negates gravity effects on the ship and also the ships inertia. The Gravity Anchor is on if the icon is green and off is red. When the Gravity Anchor is on, the ship will rapidly slow to a complete stop. You can use thrusters with the Gravity Anchor on, but speed will be severely limited. When the Gravity Anchor is off, the ship will move freely. Speed is unlimited, at least until the server crashes. If thrusters are turned off ships will continue to move with the velocity they have attained, unless affected by a gravity well.


Clicking Options button will bring up the Options menu


Quality Level

Choose one of six settings for video quality and performance.


Allows selection of tooltip delay.

Warp White-Out Visual Effect On/Off

Toggles Warp Effect in game. Game starts with effect in on position.

Combat Spam On/Off

Toggles combat damage information when weapons strike a target.

Clouds On/Off

Toggles clouds in outer systems on and off for better performance of certain systems.

Chat Filter On/Off

Toggles in game chat filter. Game starts with filter in off position.

Manual Grav Anchor

Gravity Anchor starts in Automatic mode. Players can turn on Manual Grav Anchor and toggle it hitting left-alt.

Force Low Detail Terrain

Reduces terrain detail. Helps with Linux OS.

Autopilot Auto-Open

Autopilot will open automatically after a gate or hyperdrive jump.

Auto Open Warehouse

Turning on will activate Warehouse tab in Starbase interfaces when opened.

Auto Repair

When this is turned on, any time your ship docks at a SS or player Starbase, it will automatically repair any damage at standards costs.

Flight Tutorial

Takes player to beginning game flight tutorial.

Main Menu

Leaves current game, which saves automatically, and returns player to Main Login Screen.

Exit Game

Exits game and closes client. Game saves continually so no game play is lost.

Premium Access

This button will take you to the a selections menu that will then take you a Paypal page for purchasing premium access. Premium.png

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