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An Outer Star Base (OSB) is very similar to a Private Space Station / Inner Star Base (ISB) with exceptions.


  • Costs 80 Stellar Credits to set-up, 0 Stellar Credits if set-up in the orbital proximity ( at 200,000m approx.) of your colony and linked. Has a monthly cost of 40 Stellar Credits if not linked to a colony.
  • Can be set up almost anywhere in outer space except the inner systems.
  • It does not have rings. A cube of approximately 200x200x200 squares is reserved for the OSB (each square unit can contain one star base module).


Starting an Unlinked OSB

Fly to the location you want a star base and use the computer command: gg.planstarbase

You will be asked if you are sure you want to plan an unlinked star base at this location and if so to enter gg.planstarbase yesimsure

Attaching an OSB to your Existing Colony

Go to your colony warp-in point. Follow the Stock Market laser up and away from the planet (at least 200km above the planet and within gravity of planet). Use the computer command: gg.planstarbase

OSB Modules

The OSB uses the same modules as an ISB, with the exception of Star Base Rings and the Research Laboratory.

OSB Guidelines

A properly designed ISB is currently much more productive per factory than an OSB because ISB gets an automatic 200% morale boost from the entertainment module with all 4 foods.

The first building to be constructed should be a Shipyard on location (0,0,0) since the building has a large protruding configuration.

Warehouses need water (H2O), so import water from a colony and store in the warehouse. The water won't be consumed, but is recycled by the warehouses and satisfy the demand requirements.

Building an entertainment module near (0,0,0) will help you see your OSB on proximity radar. One entertainment module per 50,000 colonists is recommended.

If you plan on building a manufacturing OSB, one strategy is to build up with warehouses, then build into 1,x,1 and 1,x,2 and then build a layer of factories of one type. Repeat upwards for all factories you want so you have layers of factories. Connected to a single pillar of warehouses. Then if you want to deactivate a production type, you just power off a single warehouse at 1,x,2 and it will power off the entire block of factories.

Morale for an OSB that is supplied with all four food types is 34% maximum. This can be augmented by supplying Beer, Wine, Cigars and Neurostimulators. However, these items will have a detrimental effect on the health of our colonists.

Although the OSB reserves 200x200x200 for your star base, the actual accessible construction range is described as a 1/8th sphere where (0,0,0) is the center (picture not to scale).

One-eighth shape of accessible OSB space

Planning OSB Modules


You can plan the modules for your OSB by placing a ship at the co-ordinates you wish to place a Module and then clicking the name of the module. It is recommended that you use a small ship that has directional thrusters for this purpose: a Manta or Yeti with the Landing Gear deployed are ideal. The recommended method is to point the ship in the direction you wish to lay the row of Module and, with the Grav Abchor on, slowly move down the row clicking the module name when the co-ordinates change.

Moving a Ship to a OSB

It is sometimes desirable to have ships based at your OSBs rather than your ISB or a NPC Star Station. Although you can build ships at your OSB it is also possible, with a little effort, to move ships there from another Star Station. The link below will take you to a page where the methods of doing this are described.

Go to Ships at OSB


Waervyn's Outer Star Base Part One Video

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