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Ascent:TSG has many types of markets to exchange goods between players and NPC's.


Local Market

The local market is a Space station based NPC market to buy and sell certain materials. Each station in the inner-8 systems sells one type of product which corresponds to the resources produced by the settlement of that system. Each SS Local Market will purchase other inner-8 resources for at least a minimum price, in most cases, for a profit to the seller. Here is a list of the resources sold corresponding to the station name and system:

Station System Sells Price
SS Andromeda Ceres Grain 80
SS Archimedes Vulcan Iron 150
SS Archon Pomona Fruit 110
Cabal Trade Station Janus A
SS Elysium Veritas Titanium 675
SS Mica Vestra Aluminium 400
SS Orion Ubertas Vegetables 200
SS Plato Apollo Meat 300
SS Solaris Sol Invictus Carbon 825

The picture to the right shows a standard Local Market at the SS Plato Space Station in Apollo:

Prices change at :00, :15 and :45 of every hour. When you sell goods, you receive a percentage of bonus credits from your current Trading Skill level. As you sell more goods, your Trading Skill increases, and you receive a higher percentage of bonus credits. When you reach a new level, a message will appear showing your improved Trading Skill level along with the amount of bonus credits you received for the current trade.

Each time you sell metal goods(Iron, Aluminium, Titanium, Carbon) to a local market, their Industry level increases, and the Local Market will , in turn, sell more of the goods that system produces per day. Each time you sell food goods to a Local Market, their Agriculture level decreases which also increases Local Market stocks for sale of the food product that system produces.

Silicon is the only item purchased at all Local Markets that is not produced in a settlement. It is only acquired by Asteroid Mining.

Galactic Market

The Galactic Market allows players to buy and sell resources (Material), ship modules (Ship Parts), and Ships to and from other players.

There is access the the Galactic Market from each player's Inner Star Base (ISB). Only ships and ship modules can be listed from the ISB interface.


Item Category

  • Material - You can buy any item that can be carried in your cargo hold, The items will become available in 'Storage.'
  • Ship Modules - Purchase upgrades for your ship, they will appear in the 'refit ship' menu within the shipyard menu
  • Ships - Purchase whole complete ships other players are selling, they will become available in your 'Hangar'
When searching for a Ship, you will need to know the ship name (see Space Ships).
When you click on a ship offer, the details of the modules equipped are listed.
If there is a red warning in the list, the ship is equipped incorrectly and cannot be flown in space.

Item To Find

Type in the name, or part of the name of the item you are searching for.
This can be left blank for a very inclusive search.


Greater Than will display items listed at greater than the quantity entered in the field to the right.
Equal To will display items equal to the quantity entered in the field to the right.
Less Than will display items listed less than the quantity listed in the field to the right.

Price Per Unit

Greater Than will display items listed at greater than the price entered in the field to the right.
Equal To will display items equal to the amount entered in the field to the right.
Less Than will display items listed less than the amount listed in the field to the right.

Once any fields are set, click Search Galactic Market button at the bottom of the interface.

You will be presented with a list of items that match the search criteria you selected.
Clicking on a line displayed in the search results will show details of who posted it, and the location of the item.
Items available to purchase can be at any of the 9 SS.
Clicking Buy at the bottom of the interface will purchase the item and place it in your Storage at the SS it was listed in.
You will have to travel to where the goods are so take note of the location.

A pop-up box will appear showing you the details of the purchase.


If a player purchases an item from a seller's ISB, a new destination appears in Apollo's Autopilot (see image below).


The easiest method to learn the basics of the Galactic Market (These are made with the old User Interface but the principles are the same):

Waervyn's Galactic Market Video - Buying
Waervyn's Galactic Market Video - Selling

Place a Sell Order

At any location that has a Galactic Market, there is also a Place Sell Order menu button. This allows players to sell items from the station Item Hangar (resources), modules stored at the station (ship modules), or from the Hangar (ships).


The menu system is very similar to the Galactic Market interface with an Item Type menu button.

When you choose an Item Type, click the Select button and a list of items you own in that category will become available. In the image below, Ship was selected from Item Category and the contents of the hangar at the Apollo station is displayed as a menu:


To sell on the open market, leave the Specify Buyer area empty. To sell to a specific player enter their user name or your own user name if wish to simply store the item. You can also enter "trash" in to the buyer field and periodically the game will auto remove them from existence.


When you click the Offer to Sell button, a confirmation box will appear. Clicking yes will initiate the transaction.


The order is placed on the market and 1,000 credits are deducted as an expense.


You can always buy back your order since there is no cancellation feature. Just use the Galactic Market, find your order, and purchase your order back.

Galactic Market Notes

If you purchase an item from a Sellers Star Base(ISB) in Apollo, the Autopilot might not update to show the location of your purchase until you leave the system or relog.

Stock Market

The Stock Market allows player that own colonies to sell their resources from those locations. Clicking on the 'M' key brings up the map and the menu button to access the stock market.


Clicking on the Stock Market Search map button brings up this interface:

Click on the first Buying button, then select either Buying (colony buys from your cargo hold) or Sell (colony sells to you and places the item in your cargo hold).


In this example, we choose to find a seller of iron within one sector range of my current location:


Since the universe is a big place, we can expand our search, so now the range is 999 sectors:


When you select a location, the map automatically centers your attention to the star system with the colony. RAMtown is selling iron for an excellent price in Prime and the purple line attached to the star system Veritas indicates there is a player-constructed warp gate, so the colony is accessible without needing to use hyperjump. To access this location, you can click Jump and activate your hyperdrive, or close the map and use the warp gate system. If you plan to make multiple trips to this star system, clicking the Bookmark button will save this location in your Bookmarks list.


When you arrive in the destination star system, open up the Autopilot and look for the colony that has the iron; in this case, RAMtown(colony).


When you arrive, look down to the planet and follow the yellow Stock Market beam to the surface of the planet.


When you are close enough, an Open Stock Market button will become active at the bottom right of your screen.


Clicking the Open Stock Market button reveals the goods the colony has for sale (left side Buy buttons) and the goods the colony wants to purchase (right side Sell buttons). Similar format to the Local Market user interface, you can choose the maximum or a certain amount of a resource to buy/sell.


When you buy or sell to a Stock Market, the owner gets a message in the mail, telling then what was bought or sold, who it was from or to, and the amounts.

Waervyn shows how to use the stock market: Waervyn's Stock Market Video

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