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Time in the world of Ascent passes faster than real time. There is loosely an 8 to 1 ratio. This means that when one day passes in real life, about 8 days have passed in Ascent time. This is a loose guideline that has been used for things like building construction, research, and manufacturing. Again, this is not a hard fast rule, but a basic guideline.

The players have developed a non-canon time line. There are three times (eras) that were identified:

Before the Collapse (Ancient era)
During the Collapse (Previous era)
After the Collapse (Current era)

Suggestions for names and polls were run on the game forum to name each "era."

Suggestions for current era Name

Please vote for the ancient era name
Please vote for previous era name
Please vote for current era name

The names for the eras were selcted as:

Ancient Era - (BF) Before the Fall
Previous Era - (DE) The Dark Era
Current Era - (ER) The Era of Reclamation

A time structure was chosen. We are keeping the Earth's 365 day year. This connects us and reminds us that we have a home to get back to. A time was decided for the transition to the current era (ER). We are using the 2013-01-24 12:00 (Melboune, AUS)start date. This is the best guess of a time that the game became "live" to the public. We used forum posts of Jam to help determine this start date.

A crude clock has been developed. Since there are no seasons and months would take a lot to develop and program in, the clock just counts days of the year and then posts the year of the current era. it also calculates the 100th of a day time interval and adds that to the day count (i.e. Day 65.50/35ER). This identifies that is is day 65 and one half of year 35 of the Era Of Reclamation.

An AutoHotKey Script to display the time and allow a player to paste it in chat or other places is available at here.

The game time does not really affect game play. it is just something fun for those who enjoy this type of thing. Feel free to use or totally ignore this feature.

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