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Within each inner system is a Space Station(SS). These stations are a hub for trade in the local area, consisting of a Galactic Market, Local Market, Contract Board, and a Shipyard. Each SS sells the resource that system produces and buys the resources produced in other systems.

Station System Sells Price
SS Andromeda Ceres Grain 80
SS Archimedes Vulcan Iron 150
SS Archon Pomona Fruit 110
Cabal Trade Station Janus A
SS Elysium Veritas Titanium 675
SS Mica Vestra Aluminium 400
SS Orion Ubertas Vegetables 200
SS Plato Apollo Meat 300
SS Solaris Sol Invictus Carbon 825

Once you dock, you will see the Space Station interface appear.

It will first ask you if you want to pay to repair any damage your ship may have sustained. This can be from combat, or hyperdrive wear.
Auto Repair can be turned on in Options at any time.

After any repair is addressed, you will see the SS interface.

Contract Board

The contract board lists available jobs, of varying reward. See Contracts page for more information.

Place Sell Order

This is where you place items on the galactic market for sale

Item Category

Material - Select goods you have in Storage to place onto the Galactic Market(GM) stating amount and price per item.
Ship modules - Sell those modules you have built in your Star Base or removed from ships that have been upgraded.
Ship - Sell your unused space craft or space craft built at you shipyard. they will need to be in your 'Hangar'.

Item To Sell

Once Item Category is selected, you can select the specific item you are wanting to sell.

Items to be listed have to be in the current SS Storage, Hanger, or Refit list. You can not list items in other SS.


This can be increased to the amount of materials you want to list from your SS Storage.

This must be left as 1 for Ship modules or Ships being listed.
Set Max Button will list the all of the Item To Sell that has been selected that is currently in your SS Storage.

Price Per Unit

Enter the amount you want to list each unit.

Specify Buyer

If you want to sell to a specific player, enter their full playername here. Capitalization is optional.

Once specified and listed, only you and the specified buyer can see the listing.
Specify buyer "trash" to get rid of unwanted ships that have been stripped of certain modules.

Galactic Market

This is where you can buy goods put up for sale by other players. Being Galactic means you view item located anywhere in the galactic system.

Item Category

  • Material - You can buy any item that can be carried in your cargo hold, The items will become available in 'Storage.'
  • Ship Modules - Purchase upgrades for your ship, they will appear in the 'refit ship' menu within the shipyard menu
  • Ships - Purchase whole complete ships other players are selling, they will become available in your 'Hangar'

Item To Find

Type in the name, or part of the name of the item you are searching for.
This can be left blank for a very inclusive search.


Greater Than will display items listed at greater than the quantity entered in the field to the right.
Equal To will display items equal to the quantity entered in the field to the right.
Less Than will display items listed less than the quantity listed in the field to the right.

Price Per Unit

Greater Than will display items listed at greater than the price entered in the field to the right.
Equal To will display items equal to the amount entered in the field to the right.
Less Than will display items listed less than the amount listed in the field to the right.

Once any fields are set, click Search Galactic Market button at the bottom of the interface.

You will be presented with a list of items that match the search criteria you selected.
Clicking on a line displayed in the search results will show details of who posted it, and the location of the item.
Items available to purchase can be at any of the 9 SS.
Clicking Buy at the bottom of the interface will purchase the item and place it in your Storage at the SS it was listed in.
You will have to travel to where the goods are so take note of the location.

The easiest method to learn the basics of the Galactic Market:

Waervyn's Galactic Market Video - Buying
Waervyn's Galactic Market Video - Selling

Local Market

From the market you can buy and sell basic resources. Prices will fluctuate with normal economic flows, availability of resources is dependent on production in that system and your Industry/Agriculture scores.

The buy and sell prices vary between space stations, and changes at 0, 15 and 45 of every hour.

Each Star System specializes in producing one product. It is this product that is available to buy at the local space station, and the buy price doesn't fluctuate. If you settle the local planet, you can also mine/farm for this product. The map below shows the products available from each Star System. In order to sell the goods you produce or buy, you must travel to a new star system. Because the prices fluctuate, you might want to keep travelling to different star systems in order to find the space station offering the best return for your investment.

When you sell goods, you receive a percentage of bonus credits from your current Trading Skill level. As you sell more goods, your trading skill increases, and you receive a higher percentage of bonus credits. When you reach a new level, this will appear on the screen along with the amount of bonus credits you received for the current trade.

Each time you sell metal goods to a planet (through the space station) their Industry level increases, and they produce more goods per day. Each time you sell food goods to a planet, your Agriculture level increases which also increases production.

The easiest method to learn the basics of the Local Market: Waervyn's Local Market Video


Each individual SS Storage operates the same way a warehouse does, Materials placed in it can then be selected in the 'Place Sell Order' menu to be put on the 'Galactic Market'. When materials are purchased from the 'Galactic Market', they will become available in the 'Storage' at the Space Station it was listed in.

Each SS Storage can hold up to 100,000 tons of materials.


This is where the ships you are currently not using are kept

Each SS Hanger is individual and any ships to be listed on the GM have to be in the hanger of the SS you are currently selling from.
Any ships purchased from the GM will be in the Hanger of the SS they were listed from. You will have to travel to that SS if it was listed from a different SS.

Refit Ship

Once docked, there is a 'Refit Ship' link. This allows purchased modules to be fitted to your ship and unused modules to be removed.

You will not be able to undock from the space station unless the ship is fully equipped.


Nothing beats 'New Space Craft Smell': you can purchase new Space Ships at the all SS Shipyards.

Like goods and contracts, the prices and availability vary, so if you're looking to upgrade it pays to 'window shop' for a while to get an idea of a good price to expect to pay.
Ships available change at 0, 15 and 45 minutes of every hour. The listed ships are randomly selected and pricing is random within a set range for each type.
If you select and purchase a new ship, it will be placed immediately in the Hanger of the station you are currently located.


This allows the player to disembark the ship and walk around the station.

The first time you disembark you will be asked to select one of 4 available avatars.
Disembark at the SS has no destination at present. This will be for future content.

Exit Station

Clicking this will exit the SS in the current ship selected.

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