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The Chat box at the lower left corner has multiple channels. By clicking on the Button at the top of the box, you can select which channel to join. The three default channels are "global", "help", and "trade". New players are started in help to aid their entry into the game. Most established players use global. There are other side channels and new can be created at any time.

Each player is asked to agree to the following EULA. These are guidelines that have been part of our play since the first. They have recently been written down and are part of a EULA agreement to help remind everyone that chat is a place to include everyone, not a place to be abrasive or demeaning. Chat is intended to be a tool to let us work together and play together, not a place to attack. Since there is no PvP in game, we find we work together a lot. We try not to make chat PvP. Things like real world politics are best left off chat. Ascent is a place to play, not face real life.


The guidelines are pretty simple and can be summarized in two words. "Be Nice."

  • global - General chat and engagement of player base.
  • help - Place for questions and place to get assistance with any aspect of the game. SOme general chat can go on, but we try to keep it minimal so help can be the focus.
  • trade - The place to advertise or ask for needed items.

Chat will clear old posts each day. If you enter a channel and see no text, it is likely it was cleared. Feel free to ask or post. People in other channels will be flagged that there is new chat and can come to assist or answer. If you get no answer, please jump to global and ask again. Often play or talk gets everyone distracted and we miss the little flag to alert us to a posting.

When parting, make sure to include the channel name. Without doing that, part quits functioning and you will not be able to leave any of the channels you are trying to part.

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