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In the contracts section of NPC stations, players are able to purchase 'wreck contracts'. These contracts allow the player to warp to a ship wreck in the inner systems and salvage blueprint fragments using the built-in ship salvage beam.

* Note - Salvaging wrecks supplies class 6-10 ship modules blueprints (including ship hulls) to use in your research facility in your Space Station. Only salvage wrecks if you plan to build lower-class ships at your shipyard. Otherwise, this is a waste of credits, especially to new players.


The Salvaging Process

If you do purchase a wreckage contract, the location will appear in the Autopilot of the specified inner system. Make sure that 'Wrecks' are cchecked in the Autopilot filter.


Sometimes, when you warp to a wreckage location, you may not see anything, so use your mini-radar in the top left corner to find the direction of the wreckage. If you have difficulty seeing the wreckage on the mini-radar you can expand the radar as shown.


When you do see something in your radar, approach the wreckage until in view range. The wreckage will usually be ahead of you. It can be difficult to tell if the wreckage is ahead or behind. You can check easily. If you yaw your ship to the left (A key) and the wreckage moves to the right then the wreckage is ahead of you; if it moves to the left then it is behind you. There will be several pieces of wreckage to scan.


To salvage, shoot the object (hold down left mouse button). With proper timing, you can use the salvage laser to detect the parts in the wreckage and not destroy the object. Stop beaming when the outside of the beam turns dark blue to see this information.


You will need to beam at a little longer, until the outside of the beam just begins to go red, to retrieve the blueprint fragment. If you beam too long, the wreck object is destroyed and you receive nothing.


As long as parts are retrieved in the correct order, you will be able to collect all the parts at a shipwreck. Careful beaming ensures you salvage the parts in the correct order, otherwise you may trigger an explosion which destroys other wreckage (see 'Salvaging Messages').

Salvage results:

- The Class of the blueprint, which refers to the ship class of the module. See Space Ships

- The Type: Armour, Shields, Computer, etc.

- If you get the message "Already obtained", then you already have the blueprint fragment.

The results from a salvaged wreck are only blueprint fragments and need to be researched into completed blueprints at your private space station research facility. Completed blueprints allow you to manufacture the modules in your shipyard.


Salvaging Messages

If you salvage just enough to see the beam turn blue, a message may appear giving you a clue to the contents of the wreckage:

Threat to other Wreckage
Alcubierre Field Leakage
Warp Drive
Antiproton Containment Matrix
Destroys Electronics
Concentrated Magnetron Emissions
Databank Reflection
Computer / Ship Hull
Dense Carbon/Metal Compound
Gravitron Particle Emissions
Gravity Generator
Interference from magneton emissions...
(see below)*
Ionised Particle Emissions
Destroys Warp Drive
Semiconductor Tacyon Reflection
Toroidal Plasma Confinement
Destroys Everything

* If you receive the message "Interference from magneton emissions prevents scanning this object", one of the objects in the wreckage is a Shield. Find this wreckage (Concentrated magnetron emissions detected message) and salvage so the magneton emissions restriction is removed from other wrecks.

Salvaging Notes

The price of a wreckage contract has no relevance to the class of ship modules you may find.

Larger salvage beams do not improve your chances for finding the blueprints you need.

Sometimes the message is appended with 'unable to scan', meaning an emission is coming from another wreckage piece and the one you just scanned could be anything. You need to find the source and salvage it first, then beam the other wreckage to learn the contents.

To obtain a Ship Hull fragment, you need to beam a "Databank Reflection" wreck to a very bright red. You may also retrieve a Computer blueprint fragment along with a Ship Hull blueprint fragment.

Attaching a Class 1 Light to your ship will improve your view of the wreckage area. To turn the light on and off: CTRL-L key.


Waervyn's Salvaging Video

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