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Gas can be collected by skimming the surface of Gas Giants (gas planets) at high speed. The colour of the atmosphere, and your speed travelling through the atmosphere surface, will determine the quantity and the type of gas (Hydrogen, Oxygen, or Nitrogen) collected. Gas is used to manufacture your own Space Station,as fuel for your Hyperdrive, or sold on the Contracts board.

Gas mining is difficult for players that do not have Gas Mining level 6 or higher. Only pure gas can be scooped until you reach Skimming Level of 6 or higher. At that time, you will be able to scoop mixed gas and get hydrogen. To get nitrogen or oxygen, you will still need to scoop pure bands.

There is no top limit for character skills.

For those who have a level 5 or less, the white strip of the planet will provide Hydrogen. Vestra is a good place to obtain Hydrogen (white strip) and Nitrogen (dark blue strip). The lighter shade of blue may provide Hydrogen (level 6 or higher).

Gas Giant at Vestra

Oxygen is obtained by skimming the green gas of the right shade.

Ubertus is a good system to obtain Oxygen. Focus on the medium green band(under reticule) for best results.

Gas Giant at Ubertus

Oxygen is this shade of green

Diving straight at the gas giant will allow you to scoop once going in and once coming back out. If you aim at the edge, you can get two scoops fast and often stay in the same band you are trying to scoop going in.

For every successful scoop, you will have a 1 in skimming level chance of leveling up. This means your first scoop, you should level up since you have a 1 in 1 chance. At level 2, you have a 1 in 2 chance (50%) of leveling up. At level 3, it is a 1 in 3 chance. So the higher your level, the harder it is to level up.

Best results are obtained by starting at a distance, ie:- the star base or jump gate, setting your view to 1st person, lining up the relevant part of the gas planet, turning gravity anchor off and going flat out into the color at as fast a speed as possible.

When skimming outer system gas giants, the View Range may be good, but if it is a very large gas giant, it may take a very long time to reach the surface.

All ships are equipped with at least a class 1 ram scoop, larger ones can be built at your space station shipyard or purchased from other players and fitted to your ship to provide higher yield when skimming.

Tritium is harvested in the following manner:

If skimming level skill > 20, there is a skill/2 in 100 chance when harvesting pure hydrogen (white line) that you will get Tritium instead of hydrogen.


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