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Steam™ provides a valuable software entertainment platform to support Ascent:TSG.

Steam markets, sells, installs, updates, and provides a community communications platform for new players to learn and try the game. For new players that want to purchase the game, Steam is a much better method than Desura.

Opting into Beta

Ascent:TSG may experiment with the beta system provided by Steam. To access the beta version of the game, first verify that your Steam account will allow beta access:

- Go to your Library -> Games

- In the list on the left, find Ascent: The Space Game. Right-click on it and select Properties.

- Click the Beta tab.

- In the 'Select the beta you would like to opt into:', pick beta for the PC version, or pick macbeta for those using a Mac (or whichever beta version Jam wishes to share in future updates). The game should begin auto-updating once selected.

Steam Tricks

If you are having difficulties unlocking your Steam-purchased three month subscription of Ascent:TSG, set your Steam profile to public and try again.

If you cannot send a message to fellow Ascent players using Steam, have them send you a friend request. Accept it, then ask them to send you a message. Click on the 'bloop' sound text message that should appear at the bottom-right of your game, or the bottom-right of your screen if Ascent is not active. This will bring up a chat message box and should unlock future messaging requests.

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