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Clicking on 'Refit ship' either in a system space station(SS) menu, at your Inner Star Base(ISB)menu or Outer Star Base(OSB)menu will bring up a menu box. Clicking the column headers will sort the modules in various ways similar to the auto pilot.


Modules removed will be stored at that particular location.

If your ship is not complete with all required modules, you will not be allowed to undock/fly away from SS and ISB so care must be taken.

If you purchase a module from a player, you will need to go to its location, enter refit and fit it to your ship.

Same applies if you have built a module at your own shipyard, you can enter refit and have it fitted.

Certain modules MUST have the same class as your ship class. These modules are Electronics, Warp Drive, Propulsion, Gravity Generator, Computer and Hyperdrive.

Armor of any class can be used on a ship provided the ship has cargo space and most reduce it to 1 for max cargo. Armor panels can be stacked but only the last one placed is acknowledged.

Shield of any class can be used on a ship provided the ship has cargo space and cannot be stacked.

The Reactor may be a smaller class but will greatly reduce the capacitor recharge speed. One class smaller is half the size and in general is the smallest you can go and still be usable though capacitor depletes quite quickly. A smaller reactor will give more cargo space. One class bigger is twice the size and makes capacitor appear to never deplete.

Modules required to undock and only need to be class 1 are Salvage Beam, Shield, Ram Scoop, Armour Panels and Mining Beam.

Modules that are not needed at all to undock are the Hyperdrive, Broadside laser, Turret Laser and Axial Laser

When placing modules, it does not matter where you put them on the ship unless it's a beam. Turrets and Broadsides mount visibly(perpendicular to hull) and all other beams(mining, salvage and axial) all originate from the location you place the module and fire forward despite the contours of the hull.

First time refitting!

  • Dock at a Space Station or be at close proximity of your own Starbase
  • Select Refit Ship
  • You can select Fit Module or Store Module/Ship.
  • Select Module to Place
  • All or part of the ship will turn transparent green
  • CLICK THE SHIP at some location on the green
  • Select End Refit to end refit session

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