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There a two types of private space stations, this article describes the inner one available in Apollo space (Inner Star Base (ISB)).


On SS Plato in Apollo space you can purchase a basic starter Space Station for 10,000 credits, once you have completed several missions for Susan Steele.

After purchasing it and undocking at SS Plato, you will find your Star Base by warping into "Apollo Deep Space" from the Autopilot menu when in the Apollo system. It is a warp location. No hyperdrive is needed.

There are 6 positions around the space station's first ring and several modules available.


You will need to purchase Blueprints for the modules that are built onto the space station. Research Lab, Starbase Warehouse, Electronics Factory, Mechanical Parts Factory, Farming Robot Factory and Mining Robot Factory blueprints are all available randomly listed in the SS Contract Boards.

Not all blueprints are needed at once. The two primary ones are Starbase Warehouse (different than the Warehouse used in Settlements/Colonies), and Research lab.

Even though the modules say they need power, water and people, these are provided by the Inner Star Base and don't need special modules to be built at this stage.

A fusion power plant will increase productivity and putting food in the warehouse will increase production slightly.

Waervyn's explains the basics of a Private Space Station / Star Base: Waervyn's Star Base Video

Space Station Menu

The menu system to the left of the screen includes:

Paint Ship

This button brings up a panel with 10 sliders.

The colours are based on the red/green/blue standard of colour selection

Main ship body colour also has a 'Tint Strength' slider to increase/decrease the intensity of the colour

Main body colour, Window colour and Stripe colour can be changed

When you have made your selection, click paint to apply, or if not right, click clear to reset to original


This is where you swap to other ships you have built in the shipyard

You will not be permitted to leave your space station local space until you have fully fitted out with all required modules

Shipyard Construction

This is where you select the item to be constructed from the list of researched or purchased blueprints

The materials required to make the item will be displayed and construction will not start until the warehouse contains all materials required

Refit Ship

This is where you can remove and place modules on your current ship

You will not be permitted to leave your space station local space until you have fully fitted out with all required modules

Note - Adding extra modules or higher class module will take up cargo space

Plan Module

This is where you select space station module blueprints and then select on the space station ring where you would like that module to be built

After placing the module in its location you must then have the materials in you ship hull to supply the module to start the build, this is similar to planet surface module planning and construction starting

Remove Module

If a module has been placed and not wanted, you can delete it here, you will loose any materials supplied for construction

Power On/Off

Clicking this button will make it turn red to let you know it is active

Once active, you can then click on space station modules to power them down so they no longer produce.

This is most useful when you have made all the parts and robots you need and no longer want those factories using up resources

Place Sell Order

Available only at Inner Star Base.

This is where you place items on the galactic market for sale

  • [Not Available] Material - Select goods you have in the item hangar to place onto the galactic market stating amount and price per item. [At present you cannot sell such items at a Private Space Station]
  • Ship modules - Sell those modules you have built in your space station or removed from ships that have been upgraded. As modules can only be moved about by being fitted to a ship, they will need to be removed from your ship in the 'Refit Ship' submenu in the 'Shipyard'.
  • Ship - Sell your unused space craft or space craft built at you shipyard. they will need to be in your 'Hangar'.

Galactic Market

Available only at Inner Star Base

This is where you can buy goods put up for sale by other players. Being Galactic means you view item located anywhere in the galactic system.

You will have to travel to where the goods are so take note of the location.

  • Material - You can buy any item that can be carried in your cargo hold, The items will become available in the 'Item Hangar'.
  • Ship Modules - Purchase upgrades for your ship, they will appear in the 'refit ship' menu withing the shipyard menu.
  • Ships - Purchase whole complete ships other players are selling, they will become available in you 'Hangar'.

Open Warehouse

Available Inner Star Base and Outer Star Base

This button opens the warehouse for access.

Repair Ship

After a Battle with Pirates, your ship will be damaged and when you have a Hyperdrive fitted ship, it *will* deteriorate with use and need repair. A popup will tell you what materials will be used from your warehouse and the 'repair Ship' button will repair your ship

Additional Space Station Functions

Module status

Mousing over modules on you space station will pop up a box showing its current status. eg mech parts built per day and materials required / offline

Warehouse access

Mousing over your warehouse (if you have one) will bring up a box showing inventory.


Mousing over your Research Facility (if you have one) will bring up a box stating current research item and percentage completed.


Mousing over your shipyard (if you have one) will show your ship module inventory and current item construction with time to completion (ETA)

Available Space Station Modules

Blue prints for 8 modules can be purchased on the contracts market and are:-

Farming Robot Factory

Build farming robots to sell on the contract market and use on farms

Requires Aluminium, Electronics and Mechanical parts to build robots

Blueprint price aprox - 150k

Mining Robot Factory

Build mining robots to sell on the contract market and use in mines

Requires Aluminium, Electronics and mechanical parts to build robots.

Mechanical Parts Factory

Build mechanical Parts used in other modules and land based buildings.

Requires Carbon and Iron to produce the Mechanical Parts.

Blueprint price aprox - 90 - 130k

Electronics factory

Build Electronics for use in other modules and land based buildings.

Requires Aluminium, Silicon and Iron to produce Electronics.

Blueprint price aprox - 110k

Star base warehouse

Provide storage of manufactured goods, manufacturing raw Materials and food for your workers.

Needs to be kept stocked with other modules requirements.

Also great for offloading excess minerals from asteroid mining until you have enough to fill a contract.

Research Facility

Research improvements to Blueprints as well as new blueprints from fragments scanned from wreckage.

Only one can be built per account.

SB Entertainment Complex

Provides additional morale to starbase employees to increase production

Will show stats about morale, food security, housing security, employment security, health care, socialization and Ambition satisfaction.

Providing all 4 food types in your warehouse will provide 100% food security.

Providing ample residential modules will give 100% housing security.

Ensuring employment for all onboard colonists will enable 100% employment security.

Health care % is a combination of basic medical supplies, advanced medical supplies and trained doctors.

Basic medical supplies can be manufactured on land based colonies and supplied to your starbase. . Multiple SB Entertainment Complexes may be needed to get 100% socialization. The inner starbase only needs one.

Residential Module

Provides housing for starbase workers.

Each module houses 3000 workers therefore several modules are required as more colonists are recruited.

Additional Modules

Blue prints for additional modules that are researched in the Research facility include the following

Fusion Power plant

Space station based facility provides added productivity to space station factories

Needs to be researched at the research facility


Needs to be researched at the research facility.

This facility is used to make ship hulls and ship components (modules) for the hulls.

The class of module generally has to match the class of ship, eg a class 6 hull requires a class 6 warp drive to operate.

Required same class modules are:- Reactor *, Capacitor *, Warp drive, Electronics, Computer, Gravity Generator and Propulsion System.

Required modules that only need to be class 1 for any ship class are:- Shields, Armour, Mining Beam, Salvage Beam, Axial Laser and Ram Scoop.

Additional modules that are not required for basic flight include:- Turret Lasers, Broadside Lasers, Hyperdrives or Passenger Quarters.

The Shipyard can also be used to make upgraded modules for existing ships, eg you could put a class 10 mining Beam on your class 8 ship to get greatly increased yield from asteroid mining, but loose a lot of cargo space because of the tonnage of the larger mining beam.

Blueprints for the hulls and modules have to be either purchased or researched from wreck salvage partial blueprints.

  • Note - Technically capacitor and Reactor do NOT need to be same class but performance is reduced greatly if less than 1 class lower. Each class lower is half the capacity and performance is reduced accordingly. Eg. A player may have a class 10 Mammoth with class 11 Mining Beam attached that stays at Elysium and never leaves, in this case a class 9 reactor works fine as it doesn't do any long jumps. The advantage is freeing up cargo space. On the other hand, 1 class bigger is twice the size and a ship with one class bigger reactor can jump non stop without depleting the capacitor. The downside is reduced cargo space.

Graphene Factory

Construction time: 60000 (seconds)

Powerdraw: 1000

Materials: Al 150, Fe 300, Ti 1, C 10.

1 carbon makes 1 graphene

5,000 Graphene to build 1 dome.

Superconducting Coils Factory

Construction time: 60000 (seconds)

Powerdraw: 1000

Materials: Al 150, Fe 300, Ti 1, C 10

.05 electronics, .05 Mechanical Parts, .4 Niobium, .4 Tin, .2 Carbon makes 1 Superconducting Coils.

500 Superconducting Coils to build 1 dome.

Stock Market (for OSB)

Research time: 24 hours

Construction time: 22 hours, 10 minutes

Materials: Al 170, Fe 1,500, Ti 30, C 100, 50 ele

Module layout

When starting a space station, Mechanical parts and Electronics will be needed in large quantities. Along with a warehouse and research lab, these are the recommended first modules to be built.

Note: it is favorable to have a research lab, shipyard and warehouse on the first ring, for easy access.

Mining and Farming robots are of very little use until colonizing distant planets. They should not be built until the time that super coils and graphene are built.

Water is not needed in the Inner Star Base (Apollo). It is required for the Outer Star Bases (OSB).

These are recommended setups and can be extremely varied, depending on play style or personal goals.

1 Ring setup

1 Starbase warehouse, 1 Shipyard, 1 Research laboratory, 1 Electronics Factory and 1 Mechanical Parts Factory.

100 Ring setuprequires premium industry, 0.99 USD/month

Note: The station works as one unit and not dependent on specific rings. If you are constructing the station ring-by-ring, a recommended ring set-up is one power plant and five other modules per ring. If you are aiming for a 100-ring Starbase, construct the 100-rings first, stack all your extra power plants and extra warehouses at the back, and manufacturing factories near the front (where you warp in) so you can monitor and upgrade production. One warehouse, one shipyard, and one research lab is recommended on the first ring for quick materials storage and progress check.

1 Starbase warehouse, 1 Shipyard, 1 Research laboratory, 1 Entertainment Complex(EC) on the first ring. 1 rings used

25 Electronics Factories base level with power – 400 per day. 5 rings.

75 Mechanical Parts Factories base level with power – 1200 per day. 15 rings.

320 Graphene Factories base level with power – 5120 per day. 64 rings used

32 Superconducting Coils Factories base level with power – 512 per day. 6.4 rings used

1 Farming Robot Factories base level with power – 16 per day. (This can be omitted unless building a large Agro colony.)

5 Mining Robot Factories base level with power – 80 per day. 1 ring.

5 Core Sampling Probe Factories base level with power - 80 per day. 1 ring.

10 Starbase warehouses, 2 rings.

1 Residential Module for every 5 rings. (When EC and res modules are added, it will almost double productions listed above.)

100 Basic Fusion Plants.

~6 rings open for new modules or warehouse expansion.

Additional Rings

With a Premium payment of $1/month for premium industry, you may research additional rings to expand the space station to provide more modules, up to 100 rings total to provide space for 600 modules. Each ring requires 75 units of power and 10 workers each.


Initial Build Cost Drain on Services
Module Blueprint Construction Time
(h hours, m minutes)
Al Fe Ti C H MP E Power Water Housing
Warehouse 22h 13m 100 2000 1 20 -500 -50 -100
Electronics Factory 16h 40m 150 300 10 -1000 -10 -100
Farming Robot Factory 16h 40m 150 300 100 10 -10 -10 -100
Mining Robot Factory 16h 40m 150 300 100 10 -10 -10 -100
Research Laboratory 16h 40m 150 300 10 10 10 10 -1000 -10 -100
Mechanical Parts Factory 16h 40m 150 300 1 10 -1000 -10 -100
Basic Fusion Plant 24h 150 300 10 10 10 10 10 5000 -10 -100
Core Sampling Probe Factory 16h 40m 150 300 1 10 -1000 -10 -100
Graphene Factory 16h 40m 150 300 1 10 -1000 -10 -100
Superconducting Coils Factory 16h 40m 150 300 1 10 -1000 -10 -100
Shipyard 2h 24m 1500 8192 1000 1000 500 500 -750 -20 -100
Starbase Ring 1392 10 10 5
Residential Module 8h 20m 1000 2500 100 30 -500 -500 +3000
SB Entertainment Complex 24h 200 1000 10 10 -500 -500 -50
Stock Market (OSB) 22h 10m 170 1500 30 100 50

Al = Aluminum, Fe = Iron, Ti = Titanium, Ca = Carbon, H = Hydrogen, MP = Mechanical Parts, E = Electronics

A Word on Factories

Factory Modules built into an Inner Starbase would appear to produce more than factory Modules built into an Outer Starbase. In fact they operate in exactly the same way. The difference in actual production is a question of Morale and the bonuses that good Morale brings. Eventually, when the Morale of your colonists in your Outer Starbase reaches the same level as that of your workers at your Inner Starbase the producton per factory will be the same. Until then you can compensate by building a great deal more factories at an Outer Starbase than you can at your Inner Starbase.


Waervyn's Optimizing your Star Base Video

Waervyn's Research: Enhanced Production Video

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