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Waervyn's Politics and Election Video

The Election Process (update coming soon)

The UNCA (Jam the game developer) decides when it is time to have a general election. After extensive discussions with the community, an election cycle of at least six months was chosen to allow newly-elected officials to plan and achieve long-term projects such as gate construction.

A menu of colonist totals will appear for each of the specific positions (Mayor, Governor, Senator, President) available to the player. A player selects a menu item and types in the name of the candidate they wish the colonists to vote for in the election.

After the election, an in-game mail is sent to all the winning player candidates.

By-Elections (newly colonized)

By-elections are monthly elections to elect Mayors, Governors, and Senators for colonies/osbs with no incumbent. The by-election will allow the acceptance of new political representatives for the new unrepresented colonies and star systems.

A by-election has no effect on the currently elected Mayors, Governors, Senators, or President in other incumbent star systems.

The By-elections notifications will be sent through the in game mail at the time of inception and will run for two days while players are encouraged to vote for all positions that are available to them. Victories will also be notified by in game mail at the end of ballot casting.

Monthly by-elections are now automatically scheduled for the 23rd of every month in systems/planets with no incumbent. The by-election lasts for two days.

General Elections (all positions)

The General Elections are held when the UNCA calls for them. They differ from by-elections in that they create the potential to bring the player characters together into the community at large. The general elections are held to elect the President of the Senate of the Apollo Cluster, and to put all new and current senatorial, gubernatorial, and mayoral positions up for either local election, or for re-election.

The presidential candidates, and the Senatorial candidates will many times run very energetic campaigns in game chat, and in the political section of the Ascent forums. During this time many player characters are formed and the storyline of our past, and our future, begins to expand and grow, providing, us as Ascent players,the opportunity to influence how the game moves forward.

The General Elections notifications will be sent through the in game mail at the time of inception and will run for five days while players are encouraged to vote for all positions that are available to them. Victories will also be notified by in game mail at the end of ballot casting. The Presidency is voted on by all players that have placed colonists at either a colony or an outer star base. Also, all current new and incumbent positions are voted on at this time.

Player Political Roles

There are four political offices in Ascent:TSG which are determined in an election by colonists. The President of the Colonial Senate of the Apollo Cluster, Senator, Governor, and Mayor. Each colonist at an outer player built colony or OSB counts as a vote in the election, and players that control a colony can utilize their colonists to vote for a candidate to fill the different positions of political influence. Any player in Ascent:TSG can become a political representative and achieve a relevant position of influence, if they receive the majority of the colonists votes in an election.

Territory Control
Counted Votes
Responsibilities / Powers
Individual Colony
Individual Colony
Change colony name*
All colonies and linked OSB's at a planet
Change planet name
Star System
All colonies and OSB's in a star system

Change star system name

Propose/Accept/Deny construction of new warp gates to the star system

Inner Systems
All colonists in the universe
Allow/Deny construction of new warp gates to inner systems (with Jam as their overlord representing UNCA)

* Currently unavailable if new Mayor did not construct the colony.


Colonial President - The Colonial President is elected by the majority of all colonists that vote in the General Elections

President Elect, in conjunction with Admiral Hall of The UNCA,is given authority to approve or deny gate proposals to the original inner 9 systems. Usually a post will be made in the Politics section of the forum by the President asking for debate, for and against. After the community discusses various aspects of the gate proposal, the president will usually then discuss the pros and cons with UNCA. The President will then approve the gate. Approval by the president does not allow the gate to start building, it then goes to an approval request directly to the UNCA. Only after UNCA approves the gate will it be able to be built.

Currently with 4 gates out of the inner 9, The UNCA is of the opinion that no more gates are required.


Senators are given the authority to rename the star system which they preside over.

Player needs to be in their star system for this command to work:

gg.namesystem <New Star System Name>

Example: gg.namesystem Miner's Paradise

Senators are also given the authority to plan gates from their system to another player named system, and to approve or deny gates proposed by other senators that are to be planned coming in to their system.

Player needs to be in their star system for this to work.

gg.plangate after which Dave 6000 will ask you to type again. When finished fly to the system that you want to propose as the destination, and propose the other end. At this time the gates will be named as proposed gates. The system senator will be notified via in game mail, and will be asked to approve or deny the proposal. When approved/denied the gates in both systems will be activated for construction. They will also be renamed as planned gates.

Eample: gg.plangate

A window will appear showing the material requirements. You can click Yes or No to propose the gate. If you click Yes, then the gate will be proposed and a mail will be sent to the Senator of the destination system you just connected. If the Senator accepts the gate, then the gate becomes active for construction and can be filled with materials.

Caution...improper placement of multiple gates can result in a stack of gates or a “gate nest”. Gate nests work as they should once supplied, however they can be difficult to supply with materials.


Renaming a planet/moon

Player needs to be in orbit of their planet/moon/gas giant for this command to work:

gg.nameobject <New Planet/Moon/Gas Giant Name>

Example: gg.nameobject Guild Prime

Governor also oversees (adjusts) any terraforming devices on planet.


If you constructed a colony and made yourself Mayor, then you maintain full control of the colony. If someone named you Mayor of a colony you did not construct yourself, you currently have no powers; not even the power to change the colony name (pending game fix).

The Political Arena

Any open politically-related information involving players and the election process is discussed in the Politics forum in a role-play (RP) format:



Role-playing refers to the changing of one's behaviour to assume a role, either unconsciously to fill a social role, or consciously to act out an adopted role. While the Oxford English Dictionary offers a definition of role-playing as "the changing of one's behaviour to fulfill a social role", in the field of psychology, the term is used more loosely in four senses:

  • To refer to the playing of roles generally such as in a theatre, or educational setting;
  • To refer to taking a role of an existing character or person and acting it out with a partner taking someone else's role, often involving different genres of practice;
  • To refer to a wide range of games including role-playing video game, play-by-mail games and more;
  • To refer specifically to role-playing games.

Anything further then that is created mainly by us the community. Examples of community added politics are discussions on gate projects, proposals to Jam for elections and/or procedural changes, and many other forms of role-played (RP) politics. The basic premise is that all discussion be 'in character' of the political representative your in-game character reflects. When posting you do not post as a person playing a game or talk about game mechanics. If there is a bug, issue, or feature that affects your role play, try to explain the situation as an in-character politician.

In practice:

"I want to gate System X to Vulcan"


"I, Senator Hubes of System X would like to propose a gate to link the good people of System X to Vulcan...etc, etc, other political motivation, blah blah"

To become part of the UNCA government participate in debates in the Politics forum

For full history of the elections and campaigns in Ascent The Space Game see also: http://wiki.thespacegame.com/mediawiki/index.php/Election_History and Politics forum

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