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Famous Quote Our strategic aims for Project Apollo are the continued survival of our species and our civilisation, or what’s left of it… Admiral Hall

DE 1/91 (1.249) -DE 1/74 (1.203) Admiral G.A. Hall, the commander of The United Nations Combined Arms (UNCA) Task Force 63, after being marooned with her small fleet at the edge of the Galaxy and wandering for many years (how many is not exactly known…), arrives in Jam-1 and lands at Deep 6, responding to a distress call from the station. She finds a small cluster of stars still connected together via one of the old gate systems that time and war had not ravaged, and they were still functional (though just barely). She is informed that these systems are inhabited by citizens of Earth and their descendants. There is also a small contingent fighting fleet of UNCA naval ships that remain loyal. Admiral Hall immediately takes command of the fleet and re-assigns Apollo Forces to Task Force 63 with a promise that they will stay and try to help the floundering systems rebuild infrastructure and educate the population concerning technologies that are still available or could soon be developed with proper research and scientific study. She also promises to keep the peace and to patrol potentially dangerous areas. Lastly, she promises the locals that her mission objective is always to find and reconnect with Earth, and she will continue to work toward that goal. The Admirals first order of business that concerns the citizenry is to try to supply the needs of the population, and to that end provides genetic testing equipment to all locations for the purpose of hiring more pilots to fly supply runs. She also establishes a regulatory banking system and sets up local buy/sell points known as Local Markets that are located at all planetary space stations. This is the beginning of the end of The Dark Era.

ER 6/347 (6.951) Hyperdrive technology that was lost has been reverse engineered by Jam, a brilliant scientist-engineer, and also the founder of jam-1 and Deep Six. This was made possible by a stroke of luck while disassembling the broken hyperdrives from ships that were provided by Admiral G.A. Hall upon her return from deep space several years ago. Apparently there was a fragment of a blueprint detailing the schematics of an ancient component of the spring-flux converter that was placed inside of a motor casing while originally being assembled, and was found by Jam while working on the project.

Simultaneously astronomers working at the Large Vestra Telescope have taken their largest ever image of our galaxy and have numbered our stars at around 270 billion. Traveling at 8.4 light years per jump with this new hyperdrive we will never get to all of them, but The UNCA is hopeful that we may be able to find and repair the broken Earth warp-gates using these new/old technologies.

ER 3/335 (3.918)

In response to the large and growing Colonial population, and overall good management of the Colonies by the New Industrialist movement, UNCA intends to allow self governance of the colonies - henceforth individually, and collectively. UNCA will retain direct control over the Apollo Project. The availability of polling systems permitting, UNCA intends to host Colonial Elections this Tuesday, ER3/341 (3.934). The initial government structure will consist of a Mayor for each colony, a Governor for every planet, a Senator for each system, and a single Colonial President. Polling will open on day341 and close after 8 days on day349 after opening. UNCA will provide a count and appoint those elected to their seats. After the elections, we will begin transferring powers to the newly elected body. Write access to the star charts and planning approval for new jump gates are two initial areas of transfer.

G.A. Hall UNCA Fleet Admiral, CO Task Force 63

ER 10/330 (10.904) Historic Ships.


The skua was a class 4 bomber. Production began sometime during the later Dark era and concluded when it was replaced by the much more streamlined and functional Manta sometime after ER10/330. For an image see the historic ships page at

ER 11/349 (11.956)

Johneaux elected 1st Colonial President of The Apollo Sector.

ER 15/294 (15.805)

Johneaux re-elected as 1st Colonial President of The Apollo Sector.

ER 18/60

Today Blake Mooncrest established his first Starbase and officially launched Mooncrest Industries with the mission to become the biggest shipbuilding corporation in the Galaxy

ER 19/82 (19.224)

Prolapser elected as 2nd Colonial President of The Apollo Sector.

ER 24/329 (24.901)

Hubes elected as 3rd Colonial President of The Apollo Sector.

ER 30/131 (30.359)

Hubes re-elected as 3rd Colonial President of The Apollo Sector.

ER 36/29 (36.079)

RAM elected as 4th Colonial President of The Apollo Sector.

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