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Many years ago I fell in love with a game called Freelancer. At that time I was only playing single payer games, and this one was fantastic. Eventually I finished the story and wanted to continue my experience, but had little left to do. I attempted to start playing online, but by that time no one else was playing the game. Over the years I have looked for similar games, but never found any. So like many people I spent a great deal of time playing fantasy MMOs. After getting tired of my last MMO I spent some time playing card games and iPad games. And then once again set out in search of a space game to fill the gap that Freelancer had created. To my luck I finally stumbled upon Ascent – The Space Game. The game immediately pulled me in with some similar features as Freelancer. I played for a couple hours and started to get bored, figuring that this was just a game where you clicked on warp gates and bought and sold resources. I was lucky enough to bump into an asteroid and figure out how to mine it. This is when I realized that I could actually fly around and do things. It has been non-stop Accent ever since then. From building a space station to being the first one to visit unnamed solar system and getting them named after me, I am constantly entertained. I can almost always be found in-game exploring distant star systems to take screen shots, or blowing up pirates for some extra credits. If you see me in game feel free to chat me up, and let me know if you think changes should be made to the wiki.

MG, CG, To infinity and beyond. Seikatsukira


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