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Beginning Quests/Mining Robots

1.1. The First time you dock at SS Archimedes in Vulcan space, Susan Stelle requests you take her and her son to SS Andromeda in the Ceres System.

1.2. When you drop off Susan and her son, she gives you 1000 credits and 10 tons of grain with a request that you go sell it at SS Archimedes in Vulcan space to feed the starving people.

1.3. Jump back to Vulcan, Dock at SS Archemedes, and open the Local Market. Click MAX next to Sell by the 10 tonnes of grain you are carrying. When you sell the first 10 tons of grain, you get a bonus 5000 credits and Susan asks you to get more grain to help the starving people on Vulcan.

  • Hint:- The food delivered does not have to be grain, any food will fulfill the mission - meat from Apollo should fetch the best profit.
  • Hint:- You can also be buying iron at SS Archimedes and selling it on the return trip, also checking contract board for package deliveries and passengers going your way, never jump empty early in the game.

1.4. When the Food mission is complete, you get a bonus 5000 credits and Susan asks you to take her Ranch hand to SS Plato in Apollo space.

Exit Station, open Autopilot and click Jump by Apollo Space, then dock at SS Plato.

1.5. When you take the Ranch hand to SS Plato in Apollo space, you get a bonus 5000 credits, she thanks you and gives you a package of 300 seeds to take to SS Orion in Ubertas space. When you deliver the seeds to SS Orion in Ubertas space, you get 5000 credits.

1.6 The next mission which is to buy MINING ROBOTS.

You can get 10 from SS Archimedes (Vulcan).

10 more at SS Elysium (Veritus)

Another 10 at SS Mica (Vestra).

Careful buying because there are also FARMING ROBOTS available, while needed, will not complete these contracts.

You will also find more mining robots for sale (often at higher prices) on the Contract Boards. Keep in mind all contracts randomly change at 0, 15 and 45 minutes of every hour.

1.6a. The 10 Mining robots dropped off at SS Andromeda(Ceres) will get you 10000 credits and blueprints for the grain farm (this is the only way to get this blueprint).

1.6b. The 10 Mining robots dropped off at SS Plato(Apollo) will get you 10000 credits and Deeds to Ceres (this is the only way to get the Ceres deed).

1.6c. The 10 Mining robots dropped off at SS Orion(Ubertas) will get you 10000 credits and 3 farming robots (needed when building a farm).

1.7 A new Autopilot link will now be available. Clicking "Land" by Ceres Surface will take you to your new deed and you can start your first Settlement.

Feel free to try your hand at Asteroid Mining to supply the contract for 5 silicon at Ubertas at this time.

You can also buy the Star Base at Apollo.

Once you buy it, you may have to enter and exit the Shipyard or jump out and back, but you will find a new Autopilot link to Apollo Deep Space.

That is the location of your new Inner Star Base (ISB). Click Deep Warp to warp to its location.

Deep Six Quest

2.1. Back in SS Andromeda(Ceres), Susan Steele requests you track down her daughter, last heard of working in a space station near Ubertus. (You can drop your 3 Farming Robots in the SS Storage. They are safe there.)

2.2. In Ubertus space is SS Orion, where you find Susan's daughter, Jessica Steele. Jessica refuses to go home to Ceres to be on a farm and says she is going to Deep Six.

2.3. On return to Ceres to give Susan the bad news, she is devastated and asks you to go to Deep Six and convince her to return. Not knowing where Deep Six is, Susan says you will have to ask around.

2.4 When you next go to SS Orion in Ubertus space and check the contracts board, you will find someone selling co-ordinated for a wreck at Jam-1. It will cost you 750.000 credits and scanning the wreckage gets you co-ordinates to Deep 6.

2.5 You will need the Hyperdrive purchased from SS Plato at Apollo space or from the Galactic Market to be able to jump to Jam-1. A class 1 Hyperdrive and can only drive a class 1 ship, either a Hornet or a turtle. When the Hyperdrive is fitted there is only 8 tons of space left for Hydrogen that the Hyperdrive uses for fuel.

2.6 Hyperdrive jump to Jam-1 from either Ceres or Vulcan and check your Autopilot for 'Wreckage Location'.

Expanding the radar can be very helpful in searching for the wreck pieces.

2.7 There are 5 pieces. Once you salvage one piece, you have to find the next on the radar and fly to it to mine. The pieces are very hard to see. Patience and a good eye is very important. Once the last piece is salvaged, you will get a message that the data has been recovered. At this time, Deep Six will now be accessible in the Autopilot.

2.8 Warp to Deep Six. You can not dock here at present, but the Open Contract Board link on the lower right will become active.

Jessica Steele asks you to deliver a note to her mother in Ceres and mentions she has some blueprints that you might be interested in.

The second thing you may notice on the Jam-1 contracts board is the high prices offered for goods, food and materials. Good profit for someone with a bigger Hyperdrive capable ship.

You can Emergency Jump from Deep Six and you will arrive at SS Andromeda(Ceres). Click the Map link at the top right or hit M. Click Emergency Jump and you will arrive at SS Andromeda. Just click Dock.

2.9 On delivering the note back to Susan Steele at Ceres, you get a message from Jessica thanking you and giving you the blueprints to the Class 1 Hyperdrive.

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