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The transportation grid is the modern road system. It is an underground tunnel system that moves Materials and People safely and effectively.



To use the Transport Grid to travel inside a colony, you must first land in a Landing Bay. Use the Disembark button to leave your ship. Then use the Transportation Grid button. You will be wrapped in a safety field for your protection.

Zoom out, using + or - keys or the mouse wheel until you can see outside the landing bay.

Select your destination by clicking on the Transport Grid near your destination. This will start the transport.

To get off of the Transportation Grid, use the Disembark button.

You can re-enter the Grid at any near-by grid node by using the Transportation Grid button while on top of the node.

Colony Planning

Transportation Grids must link every building in the Colony or Settlement. While planning buildings, you will not be able to place a Transport Grid unless it is next to a previously place grid unless it is the first in the colony.

Due to the complexity of routing people through the grid, having crossroads add more processing time to compute an acceptable path to your destination. Each additional fork in the path can add an exponential computation demand. Try to plan your colony with as few forks, crossroads and loops as possible to decrease this extra computation.

It is recommended that you place 1 extra transport grid node someplace easily accessed, so that you have a single node to power off and on, which has the effect of resetting the colony's state in cases where the colony is not reflecting recent changes you have made. (new buildings that finished construction are not having an effect on the colony)


The blueprint Transportation Grid can be found at a inner-9 solarsystem on the Contracts board. It appears randomly. Price: (??)


Each transport grid costs:

  • Aluminium (nn)
  • Iron (nn)
  • ?? (nn)


Each node uses:

  • Power (-nn)
  • Water (-nn)
  • Housing (-nn)


Does not produce anything

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