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Brief notes about what changes are known to have occurred with each patch.


client v1.3108 - June 4th 2015

Added new Materials, structures and uses for them will appear if future updates. - Sewage, Garbage, Nuclear Waste (Players suggest holding onto Nuclear Waste as it might be used by Shipyards)

A new type of Asteroid and/or asteroid Material may have been implemented. Asteroid Fields have been reset, except for any Promethicite asteroids. Players will have to visit each field to begin the Asteroid Spawning.

client v1.3107 - June 1st 2015

Has many new colony building models, less memory usage

- New colony building models, including several LOD models implemented

- Colony sight range greatly increased at large colonies

- Memory usage at colonies greatly reduced, which should reduce the crashing some people are experiencing

client v1.3106, server v1.3 - May 28th 2015

Soil Sample management features added. See Dump and Clear in Ship Computer. Bug fixes - NPC's overdrawing Stock.

v1.3105 - May 27th 2015

NPC Pilots added to the game.

Stock Market Module Blueprint.

Transportation Grids Work.

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