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Q. Will I die if I fly into a...

No, you cannot die, ever. Flying into planets/suns/blackholes and anyting else will not damage you in any way.

In combat, before your ship is destroyed the ships computer will warp you to ceres. You will need to dock and repair your ship, but you will not die.

Q. How do I save the game?

The game is auto saved every time you jump or dock/undock

Q. Whats the best way to make money at first?

To start out Trading and shuttling passengers.

When at a SpaceStation (SS) click on the contract board, and pick up all orange contracts for delivering packages. You can have any amount of package contracts, as they don't take up any space, and never expire. There is no need to directly deliver packages, just go about trading normally and when you arrive at the correct locations you will get a payout for the packages.

In addition to packages, you can pick up any contracts to deliver non rare materials. Each SS sells different basic resources, that you can buy from the Local Market (LM) and deliver to the contracts.

Passenger contracts are best picked up when you know which station you are visiting next, just grab the people that are headed to the same place as you.

Once you get a bigger ship, it would be a good idea to head to Vulcan or Veritas space and start mining asteroids. Check the Asteroid mining section of help for more info.

When mining collect Magnesium and Uranium to sell to contracts. This will be the fastest way to make money early on. After your mining skill is up a bit and you have acquire a bigger mining beam, look for Niobium and Tin. Both of these resources will sell for very high amounts to other players. Check stock markets for an idea of how much people are wiling to pay at the time.

Q. How do I mine asteroids?

Check the Asteroid Mining section of Help.

Q. How do I mine gas giants for gas?

Check the Gas Giant skimming section of Help.

Q. How do I use the Mail? I see a button for it.

The Mail currently only delivers messages from stock market transactions. Players can not send mail to each other at this point.

Q. How do I repair?

First you must take your ship to one of the non combat systems. If you are in Janaus A, use the warp gate to Apollo. Next dock at a Space Station, such as SS Plato in Apollo. Once docked you should see a repair button to the left of the screen.

Q. I bought a ship/item from the Galactic market, but I can’t find it, where is it?

When you purchase a ship/item from the Galactic market (GM), the ship/item remains at the space station where the seller posted it. When you click on a ship for example on the galactic market a list of information comes up. Line 3 says “Location: SS Example”. After buying the ship/item you will have to go to that location to pick it up.

If you did not read where your new ship/item is click on your character button Assets Select location, and then go through the list until you find it.

Q. How many weapons can I put on my ship?

Each weapon takes up a certain amount of cargo space, depending on its class. As long as you have the space on your ship, you can have 49 total weapons.

Q. How do I equip a module to my ship?

Go to a ship yard and click on refit ship. Next scroll out until you can see your ship. Select a module to place, and then click on your ship, where you want the module placed. The only time it matters where you place a module is if its a turret or broadside.

Q. How do I get to a sellers Starbase?

Go to Apollo and you will have a Autopilot way point to their Starbase after you buy something from them.

Q. Can you please tell us exactly how mining yields change with mining beam class? And if possible how mining skill interacts with mining beam levels?

Mining beams add to yields as follows: Asteroids reach peak size after 7 days of accretion. Mining a 7 day old asteroid with a class 1 beam gives you the same yield as a 3 day old one with a class five beam. That's probably the simplest way I can put it.

Skill modifies yields in a more complex fashion. A skill of 5 gives just under a 5% boost, but a skill of 50 gives about 33%. A skill of 100 would give a 50% boost, and a skill of 1000 about a 91% boost. Ergo, diminishing but still significant returns.

That same skillmod formula is applied to other stuff such as gas giant harvesting, trading profits etc.

Q. How do I land on a Planet?

Fly to Janaus A space. (Ceres to Vulcan to Apollo to Janaus A.) Then warp to the planet in the system, and fly down to land. Once you get a Hyperdrive on your ship, you can fly to outer systems and land on the planets there.

Q. How do I get all of my ships in the same location?

You will have to dock at the location you want to have all of your ships located. Then buy a low cost ship from the local ship yard. Get in the new ship and fly to the space station where the ship you want to pick up is located. Get in the ship you want to move, and either leave the ship you just arrived in, or sell it on the Galactic Market. Then fly back to where you want your ships biased at and repeat this process, until you have collected all of your ships to one place.

Q. How do I tell what blueprints I have?

If you have a space station and a Research Lab built, you can click on your Lab and hit the "select research target" button. This will Give you a list of all of your Blueprints. When viewing the contract board, Blueprints that you already own will be denoted by a red Astrix *

Q. How do I explore new star systems?

See Space travel topic under help.

Q. What do Industry and Starvation mean?

Industry displays how many minerals you have sold to local markets.

Starvation displays how much food you have sold to local markets.

Once your combined Industry and Starvation level gets high enough, you will get a skill in trade.

Your trade skill will increase the amount of bonus credits you get while selling to local markets.

Industry and starvation also increase the availability of goods on local markets.

Q. How do I get my premium from purchasing the game?

Open Desura - it will default to the store page.

1. Type Ascent into the search box

2. Click on Ascent –

3. Click on Connect

4. Click on Connect Game

5. Wait for the successfully sent your install history popup

Check your email for a premium key from Ascent

Highlight code and copy it (ctrl+c)

6. In game click Options

7. Click Buy Premium Access

8. Click in the box and paste in code (ctrl+v)

9.Click Enter Key

This will add premium time to your account, as well as linking your purchase of the game to your account. This allows you to use the updater on the forum to manually download the latest version of the game.

Picture walkthrough on wiki under Connecting Desura purchase to account

Q. How do I cancel a Contract?

First dock at a NPC space station.

Next click on the character button (bottom left)

Then click on the contracts button.

After that click on cancel a contract.

Select the contract you want to cancel and a confirmation box will pop up.

Hit Yes to pay the penalty fee and the contract will be canceled.

Q. How do I get colonists for my colony?

Once your colony has a demand for workers and the residential buildings to house them, you will have the ability to recruit colonist. When at your colony you will have a manage settlement button. Under settlement management there is a Recruit Colonists button. After clicking on it, you will get a pop up telling you where to go to collect the colonist and the fee associated with it. After you accept, Jump to the system that the colonist are in and dock at the Space Station there.

The colonist will automatically get on your ship, and you can take them to your colony. To drop off the colonists, you will need to fly them close to your deed center (plot 0,0 near the colony’s name). * having a dome near the center of the colony is not needed, and flying to a dome will not unload your colonists unless it is near your deed center.

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