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Extra Vehicular Activity - When you put your space suit on and exit your space craft.

At planets and moons outside the Apollo core 8 systems, you can land your ship on the surface and the 'EVA' button will appear lower right of screen.

When outside of your space ship, you can walk around the planet surface and a new button will appear 'Take Soil Sample' and well as 'End EVA'.

You will need to take a sample to analyse the soil for its suitability for crops with the chips computer.

Time to use your mining beam (mb.). Open the computer window (Ctrl-C) and type in the command: show mb.samples

A sample such as MrSnuffleupagus2 Rocky Planet (5) should be in that list. For this tutorial, we will analyse MrSnuffleupagus2 Rocky Planet (5) by typing in the command: show mb.analyse MrSnuffleupagus2 Rocky Planet (5)

You can analyse any planet or moon with the same command, just use the proper system name (capitalization matters) and the correct number for the planet or moon.

show mb.analyse systemname# Rocky Planet/Moon (#)

Click 'End EVA' to return to your ship.

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