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To build your settlement, you must purchase a blueprint for 13 of the 14 available building types. You can only get the Grain Farm blueprint through the tutorials.

You only need to buy the blueprint once, then you can build as many of that building type as you like on any planet you own a land deed for.

You do not need to have to have the money to accept the contract, you can accept a good price and pay for it later.

The available Planetary Blueprints are:-

Grain Farm - for use on Ceres - only available from Susan Steele

Iron Mine - for use on Vulcan

Meat Farm - For use on Apollo

Vegetable farm - for use on Ubertus

Fruit Farm - for use on Pomona

Titanium Mine - for use on Veritus

Aluminium Mine - for use on Vestra

Carbon Mine - for use on Sol Invictus

Warehouse - for central storage of goods

Transport Grid - required to link your buildings together

Power Plant - to supply power to your buildings

Water Tower - to supply water to your buildings

Residential Tower - to house your workers

Entertainment complex - to feed and entertain your workers - higher productivity

Available Space Station Blueprints are-

Mining Robot Factory - build Mining robots to sell and use in Mines

Farming Robot factory - Build Farming Robots to sell or use on Farms

Space Station Warehouse - Used to store manufactured goods, raw materials and food for your workers

Electronics Factory - Needed to produce Robots and upgrade land based buildings

Mechanical Parts Factory - Needed to produce Robots and upgrade land based buildings

Research Laboratory - Research improvements to existing blueprints and developing new blueprints

Some Space Station Blueprints are researched in your Research Laboratory-

Fusion Power plant - provides additional power to increase module production

Shipyard - Used to make hulls and ship modules

After returning from deep 6 to Ceres for the quest, you will receive a class 1 hyperdrive blueprint.

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