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The Aptic System was originally the center of a three system hub created roughly 200 light years from the Apollo cluster. The moon Seguno was the first successfully terraformed world in recorded history...which enabled enough local resources to fuel the massive expansion that has since taken place. With fertility in grain and fruit, Seguno has developed into a massive alcohol producer.

Due to the largest gate network of any known systems, Aptic has become a hub for the vast volume of materials flowing between the core and the outer frontier systems. Due to it's location, the Aptic Cluster became the prime location for 2 separate massive expansion projects.

The Big Project was an initiative to reach out 600 light years from the core in roughly 50 light year jumps. Aptic was finally connected to this chain via a race between the Miners Guild and the Trade Guild. The Trade Guild built a gate from Aptic to Raxia, while the Miners Guild built the longer gate from Keystone to Raxia. The combined 100 light year worth of gates left Aptic as the furthest in the chain until the gate to Prism and later Asgard pushed the chain to it's current approximate 300 light year mark. It is unknown if the project will attempt to continue beyond this point.

The Aptic Gate was a separate initiative by the Trade Guild to make one massive 200 light year jump back to Haven. The goal behind the massive undertaking was to limit the number of gate jumps a ship had to take to get to Aptic...a goal made all the more valuable upon the addition of NPC pilots. Originally scheduled to take two years, the project has progressed far faster then ever imagined.

Aptic System Status

On January 3rd, the approval of Proposal #1005 granted the Aptic System Established status.

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