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The Research Facility can be built on your private star base. Only one Research Lab at your Inner Starbase (ISB). Advanced Research does allow you to build an additional Research Complex at one of your colonies, thus allowing two Research Projects to be carried out simultaneously.

You will need to buy the blueprint for a Research Facility from the contract boards at a NPC space stations (SS).

It will require 150 Aluminum, 300 Iron, 10 Titanium, 10 Carbon, 10 Mechanical Parts and 10 Electronics to construct.

Currently you can:

  • Research New Blueprint for a shipyard.
  • Research Fusion Power Plant to increase SB production.
  • Research New Blueprint to use at SB shipyard.
  • Research the blueprint fragments obtained through wreckage salvaging.
  • Research Upclass on existing blueprints. Upclassing a blueprint will allow you to build the next higher class of module.
  • Research Improved Production for factories, farms and mines.

Research time for upclassing is the level times 24 hours. So upclassing a blueprint from 4 to 5 would take 4 days. -same goes for enhance production

Research from a blueprint fragment takes approximately 24 hours.

Every Level of improvement to a land based building will give the item a plus 10% productivity on the basic rate, ie level 10 would be +100% = double productivity.

The Improvements are not automatically applied to existing buildings but need to be 'built' onto existing buildings as an upgrade and will require materials to complete.

  • Blueprints can be obtained in Janus A after completing the first two combat missions and at Deep-6 after completing the tutorial. Many blueprints do not show up unless the player has enough credits to purchase them.
  • The blueprints for high end ship modules do not show up untill after the ship blueprint is purchased
  • The gate part Blueprints - wormhole genorator and promethium capacitor dont show untill after the seraph blueprint is purchased

Deep 6 Blueprints:


Janus A Blueprints

  • Some ships and ship modules do not appear unless you have enough credits to buy them.
  • Class 1 Broadside and Class 1 Turret blueprints only show after you complete first two storyline missions in Contract Board.
  • Ship Hulls must be purchased before any similar class modules are shown.

Janaus A blueprints.png

Research Technology Tree


Advanced Research Tips

Advanced Research is available at the Research Lab once Fusion Power Plants have been researched. It takes 3 days to research. After completed, a Research Complex Blueprint is available in the colony Plan Building interface. Once complete, the Research Complex can research at 125% of the Research Lab speed. If a upgrade would normally take 1 day, it will complete at the Research Complex in 3/4 of a day. This includes all research, enhanced Production or upgrades researched at the Research Complex.

Once completed, Advanced Medical and Waste Management research options are available. Researching Advanced medical will provide a Medical Test Site blueprint for a colony. Once Waste Management research is completed, a Waste Test Site blueprint is available at the colony interface. Once these structures are built, you will see additional research options.

Medical Test Site should/must be placed next to a hospital.

  • Alcohol can be researched at the Research Complex. It takes 3 days to complete.
  • Once Alcohol is researched, Brewery and Winery research is available only at the Research Complex.
  • At least one tonne of tobacco must be in the warehouse of the colony the Research Complex is in to be able to research tobacco.

Waste Management Test Site location is not critical.

  • Garbage can be researched and when completed will provide a Garbage Processing Plant. It will convert 10 tonnes of garbage into 1 tonne of compressed garbage. There is no use at present in game for compressed garbage. It can be loaded into a ship and ejected to remove it.
  • Sewage can be researched and when completed will provide a Sewage Plant. Each Sewage Plant will convert 10 tonnes of sewage to 1 ton of fertilizer. Fertilizer doubles the connected water bonus when in the warehouse. It is consumed at 40 tonnes a day per farm.

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