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The game can be enjoyed for a long time without a Premium subscription or purchasing the PC version of the game. The Premium subscription is designed to cover server and production costs of higher level content for those players who are deeply immersed in the game.

The benefits of each of the three types of Premium subscriptions:

No Premium

Access to Ceres and Vulcan settlements

Access to all eight inner-system settlements


Private Starbase construction with one ring and six modules

Industrial modules classes 1-5 (Mining Beam, Salvage Beam, etc)

Full Starbase construction up to 100 rings

All industrial module classes available

Combat modules classes 1-5 (Axial, Turret, Broadside)
All combat module classes available

Without Planets and Industry Premium, a player can still produce all manufactured materials and fly the largest ship in the game. Without Combat Premium, a player can still be quite effective in combat and use up to fifty class 5 beams to defeat a class 10 pirate Mammoth.

Each premium class provides Stellar Credits (SC) at a rate of about 100 per month (purchasing all three provide 300 SC per month). Stellar Credits are required for owning colonies or constructing Outer Star Bases (OSB) in outer star systems (beyond the inner-systems).

Waervyn's Premium Access Video

[edit] Steam

If you are having difficulties unlocking your Steam-purchased three month subscription of Ascent:TSG, set your Steam profile to public and try again.

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