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Materials are items that are bought and sold by players. Most items are used in construction of Ships, Buildings in Colonies, and Station Modules on Star Bases.



Colonists on planets and starbases require a supply food in order to work, and avoid civil unrest. Food can be purchased on most Markets, or farmed on your Settlements and Colonies. (see Settlements for farming basics.)

Food Source NPC seller
Fruit Orchard Farms SS Archon in Pomona sells for 150c
Grain Grain Farm SS Andromeda in Ceres sells for 100c
Meat Animal Farm SS Plato in Apollo sells for 300c
Vegetables Vegetable Farm SS Orion in Ubertas sells for 150c


Minerals are primarily used in construction. They can be mined from asteroids or planetary mines, or purchased from Markets. (see Asteroid Mining and Settlements to learn how to mine minerals)

Mineral Planetary Mine Asteroids NPC sellers
Aluminium Aluminium Mine Angrite (22.8%)

Chrondrite (12%)

SS Mica in Vestra sells for 400c
Carbon Carbon Harvester Ureilite (7%)

Chrondrite (9.5%) Bastnaesite (69%)

SS Solaris in Sol Invictus sells for 1100c
Cerium Bastnaesite (13.9%)
Iron Iron Mine Kamacite (100%)

Siderolite (33%) Ureilite (23.4%)

Angrite (15.2%) Chrondrite (24%)

Colombite (5.9%)

SS Achimedes in Vulcan sells for 200c
Magnesium Ureilite (23%)

Angrite (18%) Chrondrite (6.5%)

Niobium Colombite (5.9%)
Promethium Promethicite (10%)
Silicon Siderolite (67%)

Ureilite (46.6%) Angrite (24.3%)

Chrondrite (48%) Autunite (40%)

Colombite (88.2%) Promethicite (80%)

Tin Angrite (3%)
Titanium Titanium Mine Angrite (16.7%) SS Elysium in Veritas sells for 900c
Uranium Autunite (60%)

Promethicite (10%)

Yttrium Bastnaesite (17.1%)


Used as fuel for hyperdrives, and making a base habitable. Gasses can be collected from Gas Giant Skimming, or Environmental Domes, and purchased on the Markets.

Gas Gas Giant Color Environmental Dome abbreviation
Ammonia nh3
Carbon Dioxide co2
Hydrogen White (below level 6). Any color not dark blue or med green (Over level 6) h
Methane ch4
Nitrogen Dark blue bands n2
Oxygen Med green bands o2
Tritium Pure white (Need to have at least level 20 gas skimming. 1/20 chance)


Components are created by factories, and will be used to create many products. A Shipyard may produce some of these items, but generally will require double the ingredients.

Component Factory that can produce it Use
Basic Medical Supplies Basic Medical Supplies Factory Colonies and Starbases, increases health care
Core Sampling Probes Core Sampling Probes Factory Gets detailed planet information.
Electronics Electronics Factory Construction, ship components
Farming Robots Farming Robots Factory Constructing Colony Farms.
Graphene Graphene Factory Dome Construction
Mechanical Parts Mechanical Parts Factory Construction, ship components
Mining Robots Mining Robots Factory Constructing Colony Mines
Superconducting Coils Superconducting Coils Factory Dome Construction, ship construction.


These Items do not easily fall into one of the above categories.

Item How it is produced Use (if any)
Garbage Byproduct of production The Garbage Processing Plant can give the colony a Power bonus
Sewage Bases with colonists produce it Sewage Plant converts it into Fertilizer
Fertilizer From Sewage Plants Gives a production bonus to farms when stored in warehouse with water
Cigar Cigar Factory +2.5% Morale -2.5% Health Care
Beer Brewery +2.5% Morale -2.5% Health Care
Wine Winery? +2.5% Morale -2.5% Health Care
Neuralcrystals Neuralcrystal Asteroids unknown

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