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Between September 29, 2014 and November 1, 2014, Ascent:TSG spent 33 days using the Kickstarter fundraising program to raise $35,334 AUD funds from players and interested parties in order to hire a graphic artist. As part of the promotion, new ships, modules, and features were offered if the campaign was successful. The goal of $35,000 AUD was reached and the rewards have been distributed to specific players (based on their financial contribution and packages selected).

Kickstarter 2014 Campaign Details


Class 1 Hawk

The Hawk is a highly manoeuvrable and versatile light fighter with the unique ability to attach itself to one of your larger ships. This ability means you can combine a larger ship's massive cargo holds with the ease of use and manoeuvrability of the Hawk, vastly streamlining actions like planning and then supplying structures.

Hawk - February 2015 - 1.jpg

Class 12 Bowhead

The Bowhead is the first pure freighter available in the game. While only requiring the same astrogation modules as the Class 12 "Seraph" light cruiser, the Bowhead has double the available hull space, for the steep price of never being able to fit significant weapons, armour or shields. The Bowhead is the first ship to provide thrust in all six directions, providing excellent docking and mining manoeuvrability, somewhat offset by its slowness, bulk and mass.

Bowman - Kickstarter 2014 - 1.jpg

Alien Cloaking Device

The Alien Cloaking Device is a unique, one off item that has class 1 mass but can cloak any class of ship completely from radar and almost completely from visual detection, as shown. The cloak will de-activate when any weapon is fired. The game will one day include human technology cloaking devices which will have more limitations.

Kickstarter - Alien Cloaking Device - 4216c9d74fc19e998730da7ab00058ec large.jpg

Small G-Device (SGD)

The G-Device is Alien technology that allows terraforming of any planet up to 1 earth mass. It is a colony structure that requires massive power input, but can change the molecular composition of atmosphere and oceans, alter ozone, greenhouse and other atmospheric effects, and even change the planet's gravity, making it completely habitable and allowing colonists to walk around on the surface outside of domes, and the construction of non-roughenv structures outside of domes.

Terraforming technology will also be added to the game later but it will require vastly more time, energy and effort than operating an alien G-Device.

Kickstarter - Small G-Device - bf9d2f827a0ee97903248a7614a1c38c large.jpg

Large G-Device (LGD)

The LGD has the same capabilities as the SGD, however it can work on planets up to 2 Earth Masses.

Kickstarter - Large G-Device - 28d22f1ee0405ae730eb58f69e67f7ef large.jpg

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