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Each Space Station has a Market where you can buy one specific product, or sell any other product. The sell price varies between space stations, and changes over time (changing roughly every 15 minutes of real world time)

Each Star System specialises in producing one product: it is this product that is available to buy at the local space station, and the buy price doesn't fluctuate. If you settle the local planet, you can also mine/farm for this product. The map below shows the products available from each Star System. In order to sell the goods you produce or buy, you must travel to a new star system. Because the prices fluctuate, you might want to keep travelling to different star systems in order to find the space station offering the best return for your investment.

When you sell goods, you receive a percentage of bonus credits from your current Trading Skill level. As you sell more goods, your trading skill increases, and you receive a higher percentage of bonus credits. When you reach a new level, this will appear on the screen along with the amount of bonus credits you received for the current trade.

Each time you sell metal goods to a planet (through the space station) their Industry level increases, and they produce more goods per day. Each time you sell food goods to a planet, their Starvation level decreases which also affects production.


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