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Shipwrecks can be salvaged for class 6 - 10 blueprint fragments. Your Research Laboratory can learn from them, turning them into working blueprints that your Shipyard can use to construct ships and their components at your Shipyard.

Most of the UNCA-9 planets ( also known as the inner-9 ), have occasional knowledge of where a wreck may be. They sell the locations on the Contract Boards, almost always using white text.

After purchasing a "wreck location", your ships autopilot will be update with the location for your convenience.

Once you arrive at the location, you may need to use your Radar ( upper left of your screen ) to zero in on the wreck, since wrecks have a tendency to drift over time. Some pilots prefer to equip a light on their ship ( Ctrl + L to activate, if equipped ) when it is too dark to see the wreckage.

Each Shipwreck location will have 4 - 10 broken pieces of the destroyed ship that you can scan. Some of these pieces have are likely to explode, destroying nearby pieces, so care must be taken to examine the pieces before attempting to extract a blueprint fragment.

Examining wreckage and extracting blueprint fragments both use the Salvage Beam ( Left Mouse Button, same as Mining Beam, and Lasers ). To Examine a piece, hold your salvage been on a piece of wreckage until your beam turns BLUE. To extract a blueprint, your salvage beam must change color past BLUE and into PINK, preferably just shy of completely RED. If your beam becomes 100% RED, you will probably destroy the wreckage.

Ship blueprint fragments, ( also known as 'hull blueprints" ) can only be extracted by waiting until the salvage beam turns very RED while salvaging computer wreckage pieces.

When you examine the wreckage you will receive hints about what each piece might be salvaged for, or a warning that the part being beamed might damage other pieces if scanned before them. For example, ship's Capacitors will send out an EMP blast that will destroy any Electronics left in the area. You will want to salvage any electronics before the Capacitor.

Salvaging Messages

Use this list to help choose which order to salvage the wreckage pieces in.

When you see: "Interference from magneton emissions...", there is an active shield generator in the wreckage. You will need to find and extract it before you will be able to see what the other wreckage is. Find a piece that gives you the message Concentrated magnetron emissions detected, it is the shield.

Message - Blueprint Type - Possible Effects

"Space Junk" - Nothing Usable -

"Alcubierre Field Leakage" - Warp Drive -

"Magnetron Emissions" - Shields -

"Databank Reflection" - Computer & Ship Hull -

"Dense Carbon/Metal Compound" - Armor -

"Gravitron Particle Emissions" - Gravity Generator -

"Semiconductor Tacyon Reflection" - Electronics -

"Containment Matrix" - Capacitor - Destroys Electronics

"Ionised Particle Emissions - Propulsion - Destroys Warp Drive

"Toroidal Plasma Confinement" - Reactor - Destroys Everything

Salvaging Notes

The price of a wreckage contract has no relevance to the class of ship modules you may find.

Higher salvage beam classes do not improve your chances for finding the blueprints you need.

Sometimes the message is appended with 'unable to scan', meaning the emission is coming from another wreckage piece and the one you just scanned could be anything. You need to find the source and salvage it first, then beam the other wreckage to learn the contents.

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