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Upper Left Row of Buttons:

-Galactic Map-
Opens Map page to navigate to other star systems. A hyperdrive is required to 'Jump To" systems without gates connecting them.
The galactic map menu has 6 buttons:

"Bookmarks" will open a drop-down list of bookmarked planets.

"Starsystem Search" will allow you to search for a player discovered system by name. Inner9 planets are not searchable.

"Stock Market Search" will allow you to search player operated markets.

"Place Bounty" will allow a player to place a bounty on desired soil samples from other players exploration.

"Emergency Jump" button will return you to Ceres space

"Close map" will do just that... close the map.

"Home" will center the map on the system that you are currently located.

The map can be moved around rotating about your current system by click and hold left mouse button and dragging the display around.
The scroll wheel or +/- will zoom in and out.
Right clicking on a system will center in that system and give another button to "Jump To" to that system and information about that system including distance to jump in light years.
Right clicking a system on the edge of view will center it on screen and show the the sector os that system along with one sector distance in all directions.

-Toggle Night Vision-
Improves vision of asteroids, buildings, and wrecks in low light situations.

-Manage Ship-
Allows for viewing ship outfit, renaming of ship, managing NPC pilots, and accessing command line Ship Computer.

-In Game Help-
You know what this is because you are looking at it.

Allows for setting of multiple game interface options along with Premium Access.

"Premium Access"
This button will take you to the a selections menu that will then take you a Paypal page for purchasing premium access.

"Quality Level"
Clicking quality level will drop down a menu to select video quality.

Slide bar to increase or deduce game sounds.

"Music Volume"
Adjusts music level.

"Combat Spam On/Off"
Toggles combat damage information when weapons strike a target.

"Flight Tutorial"
Takes player to beginning game flight tutorial.

Allows selection of tooltip delay.

"Warp White-out Visual Effect"
Toggles Warp Effect in game. Game starts with effect in on position.

"Chat Filter"
Toggles in game chat filter. Game starts with filter in off position.

"Flight Tutorial"
Reactivates beginning Tutorial.

"Main Menu"
Leaves current game, which saves automatically, and returns player to Main Login Screen.

Toggles clouds in outer systems on and off for better performance of certain systems.

Exits game and closes client. Game saves continually so no game play is lost.

-Toggle Full Screen-
Toggles full or windowed view.

Location to check in game skills(Asteroid Mining, Deep Core Mining, Gas Giant Skimming, and Trading), Assets, and any open votes.

-Address Book-
Direct communication to any NPC you have added to the address book for smuggling.

Access mail notices from all your owned Stock Market transactions with other players. NPC trades are not reported.

This link will bring up more clickable buttons to warp able locations.

Tiny empty upper leftmost square under the Autopilot wide bar:

If you own any First click puts your colony and OSB's first, then all other colony's Second, Pirate Encounters Third, Gas Giants Fourth, Gates Fifth, Rocky Planets Sixth, all other OSB's Seventh, Moons Eighth and Stars Nineth and last is Wreck Location.
Second click puts all the first in reverse.

Destination Square:

First click destination puts everything from the 0 – 9 then A – Z numerical Alphabetical order ( Wreck Locations are indeed between V and X)
Second click reverses that order : Z- A then 9 – 0 reverse Alphabetical Numerical order


1st click orders everything from Closest to furthest no matter what type of object it is 2nd Click order everything from the Furthest distance to the closest distance. Action: For the Inner 9 the SS is First the Wreck location is Second and then the Gates are Third and so on. First Click puts Gates first, Encounters second, (Rocky Planets, Stars, Moons and Gas Giants) third, Finally Colonys and OSB's last.
2nd Click puts Colonys and OSB's First, (Rocky planets, Moons, Stars and Gas Giants Second, Pirate Encounters Thirds and Finally Gates Last.

The scrollable contracts menu will give a much more detailed information on the contracts in the top right corner.

[Cancel a Contract] gives the player the option to cancel a contract and shows the cost to cancel each contract. You must be docked at any SS to cancel contracts.

Clicking will hide/unhide chat panel.
/ignore playername will remove the name of the player after the ignore command until next login.
/join channelname - create or join a uniquely named channel.
/part channelname - Will leave that channel and remove it from dropdown channel list. (Do not type /part without channel name).

Click header to toggle open and closed view. Shows a detailed list of any cargo in ship. Any time you change ships, your cargo transfers with you.
Click and hold X to the right of item list to eject cargo. Once ejected, cargo is not recoverable. Use carefully. Dirty laundry can be ejected.

Bottom right row if icons:


Once you land on a rocky planet or moon outside of the Inner9, you can perform an EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity). This icon will light up once your ship has settled completely on the surface and has no velocity in any direction. Your character will appear on the surface in a protective suit carrying a tricorder. No that is not a laser pistol, that is a scanner, but is is acceptable to say "pew pew" in chat as you take a soil sample.

-Soil Sample-

In EVA mode, you can take a soil sample from any outer system rocky planet or moon. Once you take the soil sample, you ship computer analyzes it and displays the findings on screen. Tjis data is also recorded in your databank. Raw soil sample data can be dumped. Check Ship Computer section for more details.

-Transport Grid-

After landing in a colony landing bay (big rectangular structure with blue glowing lights) and after you disembark, you can use this button to enter the Transport Grid(TG) to travel around a colony. Once in the TG, click the TG node you would like to travel to and you will be transported along TG lines to that location.

-Claim Deed-

This allows you to claim a deed on any outer rocky planet or moon if you have 80 Stellar Credits(SC). You are charged 80 SC to claim a deed. You are charged 80 credits a month to maintain that colony deed or 40 SC a month to maintain the OSB(Outer Star Base) deed.


Once you land in a colony, or a Space Station(SS), the Disembark icon will be accessible. This allows you to exit your ship and walk around without a protective suit. There is nothing to access in the SS at present. There are future plans for this. You can disembark in a colony Landing Bay and enter the Transport Grid to quickly travel around a colony.

-Elevator- This will become accessible when in the Entertainment Center so you can go to the top floor to talk to NPC characters.

-Open Contract Board- This becomes accessible when at Deep Six. You can not dock at Deep Six presently. You can access the Contract Board when at warp point by clicking this icon.

-Open Stock Market-

A gold Skybeam(R) emanates from the colony Stock Market. To access a colony Stock Market, the Player can follow beam to surface. New link will appear in lower right as player approaches within 10km of colony Stock Market. To open a player Outer Starbase (OSB) Stock Market, warp to OSB, and Open Stock Market Button in the lower right will become active. Stock Market will list the items for sale and for purchase that the colony owner is interested in buying or selling.

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