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What is a stock market?

A stock market is a building that players build at colonies in deep space. It allows players to buy and sell commodities. The player sets the amount to be bought or sold, and the price to buy or sell.

How do I find stock markets?

From the map (M key) you will see a button that says “Stock market search”.

After clicking on this button, the search tool comes up.

How do I use the search tool?

The first button defaults to “buy” – searching under buy will show you what the stock markets want to buy and how much they will pay.

Changing this to Sell, will list items the stock markets will sell to you, and how much they charge.

After the “buy/sell” button there is a box listed under “ Range (Sectors).

This limits how far away the system will look for stock markets when you conduct a search.

If you set the value to a very large number, 1000 for example, your search will bring back listings for all stock markets that fit your search criteria. The rest of the options are pretty self-explanatory.

How do I actually buy or sell to stock markets?

After finding the stock market you want to buy or sell to, click on the name. The map will then center on the system that the stock market is located in. You will need a ship with a hyperdrive and enough fuel to reach the system. If you have the requirements, just click the Jump button on the highlighted planet.

After Jumping to the system with a Stock Market, you will need to click the Auto pilot button, and warp to the colony that has the Stock Market. Once you are in range, there will be a Green Skybeam from the Stock Market out into space. Follow this beam down to the Stock Market. Once in range, a button will appear to “open stockmarket”.

Click the button, and a list of buy and sell options will come up.

You can buy or sell any amount, up to the amount listed. For example if a Stock Market is buying 1027 Tin, you can sell it any amount from 1-1027.

When you buy or sell to a Stock Market, the owner gets a message in the mail, telling then what was bought or sold, who it was from or to, and the amounts.

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