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What is a stock market?

A stock market is a building that players build at colonies in deep space. It allows players to buy and sell commodities. The player sets the amount to be bought or sold, and the price to buy or sell.

How do I find stock markets?

From the map (M key) you will see a button that says “Stock market search” After clicking on this button, the search tool comes up.

How do I use the search tool?

The first button defaults to “buy” – searching under buy will show you what the stock markets want to buy and how much they will pay.

Changing this to Sell, will list items the stock markets will sell to you, and how much they charge.

After the “buy/sell” button there is a box listed under “ Range (Sectors).

This limits how far away the system will look for stock markets when you conduct a search.

If you set the value to a very large number, 1000 for example, your search will bring back listings for all stock markets that fit your search criteria.

The rest of the options are pretty self-explanatory.

How do I actually buy or sell to stock markets?

Click on your stock market to open the stock market console.

Help is available for listing stock market commands by typing "?" into the text box.
Commands for the stock market are: buy, sell, delbuy, delsell.
Placing a buy order:
If we fill out the buy command to purchase some Iron then we would use: buy Iron 50000 1
This would then list a demand of 50 000 Iron on our stock market that other players can sell to us for 1 credit.

Placing a sell order:
When using the sell command you are inputting the number of resources you want to keep, not what you want to sell.
So if we have 50 000 tons of meat and want to sell 40 000 tons of it then we use this command: sell meat 10000 30
Our stock market will then keep 10 000 tons of meat in our warehouse and sell the remaining 40 000 tons for 30 Credits each.

Deleting orders:
In this image you can see we are keeping 1 000 tons of hydrogen in our warehouse and selling our excess for 1 Credit each. The number that precedes this information is the stock market order number 8238.
To stop selling our Hydrogen would use the following command: delsell 8238

Managing your stock market orders is important as there is currently no scroll bar on the stock market screen. If you have too many buy/sell orders then other players will be unable to fulfill them as they will not be visible on their screen.

Information provided by Leprosi

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