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Your ship includes a standard space craft thruster engine for short trips, as well as a Warp Drive.

There are also "Jump Gates" orbiting each of the known planets: conveniently folding space to enable you to jump to far off star systems.

Space Travel in the Space Game is primarily about jumping from star system to star system: each will have at least one planet that you can build a settlement on, plus a Space Station where you can trade goods and find job contracts. There are 9 star systems that include one or more Gates for traveling between star systems.

The Autopilot button on the left of your screen will bring up more buttons for warp jumping to nearby planets, space stations, or jump gates.

After warping to planets in the 8 base systems, you can select Auto pilot and the same button again to land on it to visit the surface. You will only be able to approach and land on planets you own a land deed for.

After approaching a Space Station, selecting the same autopilot button again will have you dock to explore it's Markets, Contracts, and Ship Yard.

After approaching a Gate, selecting the same Autopilot button will have you "jump" to it's associated star system.

All Jump Gates come in pairs, so are named after the Star System of their matching pair. Star Systems are named after the primary planet in the system. After warping to a nearby star gate, click the "jump to <star system name>" button to travel to that new star system. The map below shows the currently known star systems of The Space Game:

Pressing M in game will bring up a space map with lines showing jump gates between the base 9 systems with jump gates.

Q. Where are the space stations and what do they sell?

Ceres – SS Andromeda – Grain

Vulcan – SS Archimedes – Iron

Apollo – SS Plato – Meat

Ubertas – SS Orion – Vegetables

Pomona – SS Archon – Fruit

Veritas – SS Elysium – Titanium

Vestra SS Mica – Aluminium

Sol Invictus – SS Solaris – Carbon

Janaus A – Cabal Trade Station

Q. How do I explore new star systems?

First get a Hyperdrive for your ship. (see hyperdrives topic)

Once your hyperdrive is fitted to your ship, you will need fuel for it. Hydrogen fuels Hyperdrives and can be skimmed (see Gas Giant skimming) or bought.

Next, open your Map by clicking MAP at the top left, or pressing “M”.

Once you have your map up, right click on a star system near the edge of the map. The map will center on the system and display more systems around it. Keep your self orientated with the X,Y,Z axis’s. By clicking on a system at the edge of the map ( in the same direction ) you will move your view further out into space. Evenutaly you will find unexplored systems that don’t have names listed on the map. Right click on an unexplored system and you will see a JUMP button.

If your ship can jump the distance that the system is away, it will do so. If the system is too far, the game will tell you how much hydrogen is required for a jump that far with the ship your in.

If the system is too far away, you will need to make multiple jumps and scoop hydrogen along the way, or use a bigger ship.

Extra Vehicular Activity - When you put your space suit on and exit your space craft.

At planets and moons outside the "inner UNCA" systems, you can land your ship on the surface and the 'EVA' button will appear lower right of screen.

When outside of your space ship, you can walk around the planet surface and a new button will appear 'Take Soil Sample' and well as 'End EVA'.

You will need to take a sample to analyse the soil for its suitability for crops with the chips computer.

Time to use your mining beam (mb.). Open the computer window (Ctrl-C) and type in the command: show mb.samples

A sample such as MrSnuffleupagus2 Rocky Planet (5) should be in that list. For this tutorial, we will analyse MrSnuffleupagus2 Rocky Planet (5) by typing in the command: show mb.analyse MrSnuffleupagus2 Rocky Planet (5)

You can analyse any planet or moon with the same command, just use the proper system name (capitalization matters) and the correct number for the planet or moon.

show mb.analyse systemname# Rocky Planet/Moon (#)

Click 'End EVA' to return to your ship.

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