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Within each inner system is a Space Station (SS). These stations are a hub for trade in the local area, consisting of a Galactic Market, Contract Board, and a Shipyard. Each SS sells what is produced locally and buys the other 7 commodities.

Station Name - System Location:
SS Andromeda - Ceres
SS Archimedes - Vulcan
SS Plato - Apollo
SS Elysium - Veritas
SS Orion - Ubertas
SS Archon - Pomona
SS Mica - Vestra
SS Solaris - Sol Invictus
Cabal Trade Station - Janus A

Contract Board-

The contract board lists available jobs, of varying reward.

Place Sell Order-

This is where you place items on the galactic market for sale

Material: Select goods you have in the item hangar to place onto the galactic market stating amount and price per item

Ship modules: Sell those modules you have built in your space station or removed from ships that have been upgraded. As modules can only be moved about by being fitted to a ship, they will need to be removed from your ship in the 'Refit Ship' sub menu in the 'Shipyard'.

Ship: Sell your unused space craft or space craft built at you shipyard. they will need to be in your 'Hangar'

Galactic Market-

This is where you can buy goods put up for sale by other players. Being Galactic means you view item located anywhere in the galactic system.

You will have to travel to where the goods are so take note of the location

Material - You can buy any item that can be carried in your cargo hold, The items will become available in the 'Item Hangar'

Ship Modules - Purchase upgrades for your ship, they will appear in the 'refit ship' menu withing the shipyard menu

Ships - Purchase whole complete ships other players are selling, they will become available in you 'Hangar'

Local Market-

From the market you can buy and sell basic resources. Prices will fluctuate with normal economic flows, availability of resources is dependent on production in that system. Refer to Buying & Selling for more information.


You can purchase new Space Craft at the Ship Yard. Like goods and contracts, the prices and availability vary, so if you're looking to upgrade it pays to 'window shop' for a while to get an idea of a good price to expect to pay.

Your old ship will be placed in the Hangar of the space station for your use at a later time if desired

Within the Shipyard menu there is a 'Refit Ship' sub menu. This allows purchased modules to be fitted to your ship and unused modules to be removed.

You will not be able to undock from the space station unless the ship is fully equipped.

Item Hangar-

The Item Hanger operates the same way a warehouse does, Materials placed in here can then be selected in the 'Place Sell Order' menu to be put on the 'Galactic market'. When materials are purchased from the 'Galactic Market', they will become available in the 'Item Hangar' at the appropriate Starbase


This is where the ships you are currently not using are kept

Repair Ship-

After a Battle with Pirates, your ship will be damaged and when you have a Hyperdrive fitted, it *will* deteriorate with use, needing repair. A popup will tell you how much it will cost and the 'Repair Ship' button will repair your ship

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