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Every space ship has a classification (class), cargo capability measured in tonnes, and available passenger compartments. Ship classes from 1 to 10 can be purchased from NPC space stations, yet the availability of ships between class 6 to 10 may be limited. Classes 11 or higher must be manufactured or purchased from players. All ships can be purchased from the Galactic Market (if available) or manufactured from private space stations (if blueprints are discovered through salvaging wrecks).

Every ship has modules which can be added or removed from the Refit Ship section of the Shipyards in the NPC station or from private space stations.

To change ships, the Hangar button will show you a list of your ships available in that space station. Your previous ship will stay in that respective space station.

To rename your ship, click the Manage button at the bottom of your interface. Then select the input box beside Rename Ship, enter your ship name, then hit return.

To access the ship computer, click Manage, then Computer. An easier method is to use CTRL-C.

Ships can be painted at private space stations. A window with sliders will appear allowing you to change the ship color, the ship windows color, and the ship stripes color. Paint is only applied when you click the Paint button. To see your ship, scroll the mouse scroll button to change views.

The Turtle is given to a new player who selects the industrial choice of a new game. Name: Turtle

Class: 1

Credits: ~15k

Cargo: 10

Passengers: 3

Ship Type: Runabout

Availability: Common

The Hornet is given to a new player who selects the combat choice of a new game.

Name: Hornet

Class: 1

Credits: ~15k

Cargo: 10

Passengers: 3

Ship Type: Ultralight Fighter

Availability: Common

Name: Hawk

Class: 1

Cost: $20

Cargo: 10

Paessengers: 3

Ship Type:

Availability: Originally Kickstarter Reward. Steam DLC

Bonus: Can be attached to other ships for transport anywhere

Name: Sparrow

Class: 2

Credits: ~37k

Cargo: 20

Passengers: 4

Ship Type: Light Fighter

Availability: Common

Name: Unicorn

Class: 3

Credits: ~135k

Cargo: 40

Passengers: 5

Ship Type: Heavy Fighter

Availability: Common

Name: Manta

Class: 4

Credits: ~375k

Cargo: 80

Passengers: 7

Ship Type: Bomber

Availability: Common

Name: Falcon

Class: 5

Credits: ~1.2M

Cargo: 160

Passengers: 10

Ship Type: Brig

Availability: Common

Name: Squid

Class: 6

Credits: ~4.5M

Cargo: 320

Passengers: 13

Ship Type: Sloop

Availability: Rare

Name: Kraken

Class: 7

Credits: ~12M

Cargo: 640

Passengers: 18

Ship Type: Heavy Sloop

Availability: Rare

Name: Yeti

Class: 8

Credits: ~37.5M

Cargo: 1,280

Passengers: 25

Ship Type: Light Frigate

Availability: Rare

Name: Hammerhead

Class: 9

Credits: ~105M

Cargo: 2,560

Passengers: 33

Ship Type: Frigate

Availability: Rare

Name: Mammoth

Class: 10

Credits: ~300M

Cargo: 5,120

Passengers: 45

Ship Type: Heavy Frigate

Availability: Rare

Name: Guardian or Boomerang

Class: 11

Credits: ~800M

Cargo: 10,240

Passengers: 60

Ship Type: Destroyer or Carrier

Availability: Player-made

Name: Seraph

Class: 12

Credits: ~1.6B

Cargo: 20,480

Passengers: 81

Ship Type: Light cruiser

Availability: Player-made

Name: Bowhead

Class: 12

Cost: $90

Cargo: 61,466

Passengers: 81

Availabitlity: Originally Kickstarter Reward. Steam DLC

Limitations: Cannot be fitted with weapons

Name: Archon

Class: 13

Credits: ~3.2B

Cargo: 40,960

Pasengers: 110

Ship Type: Cruiser

Availability: Player-made

Name: Ophan

Class: 14

Cost: ~6.4B

Maximum Cargo Capacity: ~80000

Passengers: 143

Ship Type: Heavy Cruiser

Shipyard Availability: Player-made

Name: Leviathan

Class: 15

Cost: ~12.8B

Maximum Cargo Capacity: ~160000

Passengers: 200

Ship Type: Battlecruiser

Shipyard Availability: Player-made

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