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It is sometimes desirable to store vessels at one or more of your Outer Starbases. The problem is that you have to have another ship in which you can travel back to your Primary Base in. It is possible to build ships at an OSB, but what if you do not have the time/resources/desire to build the ships needed? There are a couple of solutions which I will attempt to explain here.

Using a Boomerang Carrier

The Class 11 Boomerang Carrier is rated to carry up to eight ships of Class 1 to Class 4. If the ship you wish to move is in this Class range simply load the ship onto the Carrie and fly it to the destination OSB Hangar and unload it using the methods for attaching/detaching a Hawk given below. If the ship you wish to move is of a Class greater than Class 4, it has to be able to get to the destination by itself. You can then use a previously transported Class 1 to Class 4 ship for the return journey to Ceres System by e-Jumping the returning vessel.

Using a Hawk Ultralight Fighter

The Hawk Light Fighter has been designed with a Universal Attachment Device. This device allows the Hawk to attach itself to any other vessel. This means that you can effectively fly two ships at the same time. To use the Hawk first you must attach it to the ship yoou wish to move. You can do this at the Star Station that the Hawk is located. Dock your ship at the Star Station and select Refit Ship. Then select the Store Modules/Ships tab and locare the Hawk in the list of Modules and Ships presented.


Click on the ADD button as indicated to attch the Hawk to the docked vessel.

Fly the vessel to the destination Starbase as normal. When docked at the Starbase select Refit Ship. Select the Fit Modules tab and locate the Hawk in the list of modules presented.


Click on the REMOVE button and the Hawk will be detached from the docked vessel and placed in the Starbase Hangar. You can then swap to the Hawk and e-Jump back to Ceres System.

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