Johneaux-19 Rocky Planet 14

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Johneaux-19 Rocky Planet 14 has a number of colonies present.

This planet has an atmosphere of:

H2O (Water): 0.2786489
CH4 (Methane): 0.1218335
NH3 (Ammonia): 0.0965018
N (Nitrogen): 0.03136308
(Don't ask why this isn't listed as N2)
O2 (Oxygen): 0
CO2 (Carbon Dioxide): 0.4716526

Its gravity is 4.044g and its temperature (at (notional) sea level) is 1111.674k, though it has no ocean. Its external pressure is 6.117657.

While some changes may be required depending on the local placement of your dome, the following commands work to make a dome habitable at (or below) its (notional) sea level:

  • Note- the polarize can be rounded to 3 digits.

modgrav -3.044

polarize .90408148886049537560589566223013

heat temp < 286

cool temp > 296

intake n2 n2 < 225700

intake h2o h2o < 4400

split h2o h2o > 4000

store h 100000

vent h h > 1500

vent h2o h2o > 4500

vent nh3

vent n2 n2 > 335800

vent ch4

vent co2 co2 > 1500

vent o2 o2 > 92500

vent c

split co2 co2 > 1500

split nh3

At a later date, once the dome is habitable and warehouses have been built, you can reconsider your vent commands and start storing gases.

  • Note- these command can be copied and pasted directly into the dome consul. **** Only 1 line a time **** Entering more than 1 line into the dome console will break it - completely.

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