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Haven was originally a mining outpost under the name Miners Heaven. Original colonies founded on Wahur were mainly for the sole purpose of buying rare materials mined in the columbite and angrite asteroid field located within the system. Once the gate linking it to Miners Paradise was completed, traffic to the system increased exponentially. At this point the system was renamed to Haven and began heavy industrialization following the terraforming of Martine...a small moon on the outer edges of the system. Haven has also expanded its gate networking considerably with a short gate to Prime, the Outlands Gate which was the first planned gate into the Red Zone, and the massive 200 light year Aptic Gate.

Haven has four inhabited worlds...shown on the right:

Martine is the prime location for settling. After the moon was terraformed it offered a very inexpensive alternative to domed colonies for the extraction of resources. It's lack of food fertility is made up for by the one gate jump to Prime.

The planet Wahur was the original inhabited world in the system. Offering steady terrain, abundant seas and atmosphere, and relatively moderate conditions, it was a prime choice for the simple trading outposts that formed here.

Slashing Carbs was the chosen location of a single colony. It's seclusion offered a quiet reprieve from the more trafficked planets in the system.

While Vobis itself is incapable of hosting a colony, it is home to multiple orbiting star bases.

Haven System Status

On January 3rd, the approval of Proposal #1005 granted the Haven System Established status.

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