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Ascent:TSG has a moderate learning curve for new players, but with practice and patience, many new players adapt and overcome the obstacles. Veteran players attest that if a new player can conquer the in-game tutorial and reach the end of the storyline, then the new player is fully prepared for the advanced content. A new player can always ask question in the in-game chat if they are stuck. This wiki page is to help new players overcome the more non-intuitive challenges.

Login process - Your first new game 

Click 'Login' to get started. You will be given a new registration screen.

!! Your username is your game name, so choose it well.

Login process - Returning player 

You will be presented two options. One return as (last playername you used) or a login option for another existing account.

If you want to start a new account, click the Logout option in the Returning as box. This will log you out completely and allow you to start to registration process again.

Registering Your Game Name 

You will receive a validation e-mail from the e-mail address you entered.

In the e-mail, click the link to validate your account.

In the game, after you click the email link to validate your registration, you should see something like this:

Once you click the "I've Validated My Account From Email" button, you will enter the game and be taken to the Flight Tutorial.

You have completed the registration process. Welcome to the game!

Now What? 

Feel free to say "Hello" in one of the chat channels. Most players are in global, but new players start in "help" so you can be assisted if needed.

Enjoy the Flight Tutorial and get to know Dave6000 also known affectionately as CrazyDave.

You can finish the flight tutorial or exit out of it. If you leave and want to return to it, click Options - Flight Tutorial.

You will get a notice that there is a Distress call coming from SS Archimedes. This is the Space Station (SS) In the system of Vulcan. Dock and select Contract Board on the SS interface that will appear once docked. Select the contract and follow her instructions since that is the beginning of the main story line. Make sure and click Accept Contract at the bottom of the Contract Board interface. Once you accept the contract, click the Contracts Tab in the upper right and it will open and show all contracts you have accepted.

Completing the story line will give you a good grasp on the basics of the game and prepare you to tackle the more advanced features. This story line can be completed immediately or at the player's leisure if you wanted to explore a little on your own. Completing it is important since you get a reward that can not be acquired any other way.

If you are in space near a station or a jump gate and you want to look around, click the Autopilot on the upper left side of your screen. Click any of the locations listed and you will warp to those destinations. Here is a map of the inner-9 systems along with player-created jump gates with player colonies.

Good luck explorer.


W - Roll forwards
S - Roll backwards

A - Turn left

D - Turn right

Q - Roll left

E - Roll right

Space - Fire thrusters

K - fire downward thrusters if fitted

I - fire upward thrusters if fitted

N - fire reverse thrusters if fitted

J - fire left side thrusters if fitted

L - fire right side thrusters if fitted

Left Alt - Toggle gravity anchor

M - Toggle map on/off

Mouse Wheel or -/+ - Zoom in/out and move from 1st to 3rd person view

1 - First person view

2 - Third person view

B / Left Mouse Button - Fires laser in mining/salvage mode

X / Both Mouse Buttons - fire axial laser weapon

Right Mouse Button - in first person view to control ship

Ctrl L - turn on/off lights if fitted

H - Bring up a help screen with these key assignments

___________________________________________________________________ Ignore data below this line.

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