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Community Help a new player understand the Ascent player community.

Cuntent Commitment → Plug-in → Friends

Commitment What choosing to be a contributing Ascent player in a community of players means.

Bottom left of the Wiki Main Page is Tools-Special pages – Click 'Special pages' and navigate down until you find Users and Rights-User list. Click 'User list'.

This is the list of players who requested an Asceni Wiki account and were accepted before you joined the game.

This is the list of players who assisted in creating the Wiki which is now available for you to review and benefit from

Plug-in Game avatar (for Forum) and Forum participation and in-game chat.

You can use the Avatar segment of to create your Ascent avatar image to appear in Forum comments you make,

Notice the Wiki Main Page's Media Links-Ascent:TSG forums - Clicking 'Ascent:TSG forums' will get you into the forum pages to see what the players are saying about the game.

If you wish to add your comments and/or start a new thread then you will have to create a forum account – use your Ascent avatar name and image as you create your forum account,

I recommend trolling (read chat without becoming part of the chat) in-game chat in order to discover Ascent players that you can discuss the game offline through Steam.

In trolling, you can learn a lot about the game – especially places in the Wiki that can begin to answer the many questions that playing the game inspires.

Also, while trolling, you'll discover that the more experienced player have knowledge about the game that requires considerable game playing experience to really appreciate.


In-game, at top left is the Tutorial button (Has ?) which is in the middle of the left image, This is to provide access to the game story line and supplements similar content in the Wiki.

Friends Standard definition: Always can be trusted and always has your back covered.

In-game chat is useful to new players but is only one view of two telescopic views – there are lot more players who troll chat while they are in the game than are part of chat text.

Use Steam to engage in long chats (privacy is good) and in-game chat to be friendly / helpful – That is what experienced players do.

An experienced player created for a player just starting to learn the game.

Use Inventory.odt to get an overview of the uploaded files.

It is one of many things that experienced players have done for the game.

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